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5 reasons why Transvault should be your chosen vendor.

Posted by Liam Neate on May 24, 2021 Last updated Mar 04, 2024

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So, you’ve been tasked with migrating your email archives to a new platform such as Microsoft 365 and now you’ve got to decide which vendor is right for you. In this article, we’ll help you narrow down that list to just one as we reveal five reasons why Transvault is the best option.

Increasing numbers of vendors are entering the email archive migration space, making claims about “Next Generation” technology. What does this actually mean? And what else do you need to consider when embarking on a migration project? Digital transformation is about far more than technology. It’s about having the right people with the right experience to get the job done and ensuring your migration is seamless with minimal disruption to your business and its users. That’s where Transvault comes in, our solution is the most advanced on the market but it doesn’t stop there.

Reason 1

First to Market

Transvault is immensely proud to have built the first email archive migration tool back in 2006. Being the first to market means our experience is unmatched. Over the last 17 years and 3000+ successful migration projects across 56 countries, we’ve developed unrivaled migration expertise to help constantly improve our technology from real-world experience.

It would be wrong to believe that just because a company brings a new product to market means that it’s more advanced. In fact, our experience is that it takes at least 15 projects to start to appreciate the variability of customers’ data within a particular source type. And then many more to develop the product features that solve the outlying issues effectively and without holding up the migration process. It’s this experience and capability that drives the most successful service organisations to use Transvault’s software and support team.

Our solution has never stood still and continues to improve and adapt release after release (Transvault Migrator has reached its 10th major version). From adding new connectors to our already large list of source and target archives, to focusing and improving on the user’s experience of migrated data, our commitment to continual innovation ensures our solution is the most advanced on the market.

Reason 2

Moved more data

The second reason why Transvault should be your vendor of choice for your migration project is our enviable track record. As it stands, we’ve successfully delivered over 3000 email archive migrations. This means we’ve moved a lot of data, and by a lot, we mean over 50 petabytes of email after extraction, that’s more than 400 billion emails.

Our solutions have been deployed across a wide range of industries. We’ve provided outstanding technology and service to enterprises in many sectors.

Here some examples of the projects we’ve successfully delivered:

  • 1.3PB – German Multinational Investment Bank (EV to M365)
  • 380TB – South African Utility Supplier (EML to EV)
  • 355TB – National Australian Telecommunications Organisation (EV to M365)
  • 275TB – UK Multinational Construction Company (EV to M365)
  • 275TB – Austrian Multinational Oil and Energy Company (EV to M365)
  • 205TB – Singapore Global Manufacturing Organisation (EV to M365)

As the go-to solution for email archive migrations, Transvault technology has been the driving force behind some of the world’s most challenging migration projects. This is where our expertise, experience and our world-class solutions rise to the challenge where others fall, because we truly understand that migrations are not one size fits all. Every project comes with different configurations, unique requirements and industry regulations that all need catering for.

After delivering this many projects, there’s a strong possibility that we’ve dealt with a migration requirement similar to yours that we can adapt and tailor to your desired outcome. And that’s why businesses trust in Transvault.

EV to microsoft 365 migration satisfied client

We lead with Transvault now… it’s because of the people that we get to work with and the quality and capability of their software

Greg Hickey Senior Account Executive Daymark Solutions Inc.

Reason 3

Products and services used & certified by Veritas and Microsoft

Transvault was the first vendor with certifications from both Veritas (EV) and Microsoft (M365). This is key when you realize the vast majority of migration projects are moving from Enterprise Vault to Microsoft Office 365. These votes of confidence from key technology platforms really go to explain why we’ve had so many satisfied customers in this particular and common migration path.

As well as being certified by Microsoft, we also delivered the first compliant Exchange Journal migration to Microsoft 365 using our unique Compliance Time Machine (CTM) solution. The solution was written and developed in collaboration with the Microsoft products team themselves.

CTM is just one of many world-class solutions Transvault has in its armoury:

  • Transvault Migrator – The first compliant and proven industry-leading solution for migrating email archives from and to virtually all existing on-premises and cloud archiving platforms. With its focus on performance, security and user experience, Migrator is the most dependable and comprehensive migration product for projects with even the most complex enterprise-level requirements. It’s also been independently penetration tested to give you even more peace of mind.
  • Transvault Sprint – Optimal for smaller data volumes, Sprint is the most intuitive, seamless and cost-effective way to migrate legacy email archives from Enterprise Vault (EV), Enterprise Archive Solution (EAS), PST, MSG and EML to Microsoft Office 365.
  • Transvault PST Insight – Combining world-class technology with unrivalled expertise, experience and integrity our Insight software migrates your PSTs securely and seamlessly. It gives business and IT managers the power to find PSTs, MSGs and EMLs across their enterprise’s network, understand what’s in them and manage their contents in-line with business, compliance and operational needs.

Reason 4

Seamless experience for your users

The fear of a migration bringing any sort of disruption to the business or its users is something that keeps most IT managers awake at night. Trust us, we hear this a lot. We even included it as one of the key reasons in our blog ‘What’s stopping enterprises moving to the cloud’.

At Transvault, we understand the significance of minimizing end-user disruption and the overall organisational impact when migrating. We achieve this by going above and beyond for you, no matter how simple or complex the project is. By working in collaboration with our specialist migration Partners, we’re able to develop a clear and concise migration plan that focuses entirely on you and your desired post-migration outcome for your organisation.

All Transvault migrations retain the highest fidelity of your users’ original email. It achieves this by using our unique processing capabilities, advanced shortcut handling and status preservation to ensure your user’s data remain seamlessly accessible post-migration.

Finally, with the use of our streamlined email archive migration solution, we’re able to minimize the impact on your current business processes. It also quickly reduces your legacy infrastructure costs, allowing your enterprise to start proving ROI from your new service.

archive migrations in healthcare sector

Transvault has pioneered the migration market space and has produced a benchmark whereby all migration companies are measured.

Dennis Wild Product Manager Hewlett Packard

Reason 5

Flexible migrations – the best people with the best technology

We’ve reached the final reason on our list. You’ve probably picked up by now that we pride ourselves on our capability to deliver efficient streamlined migrations from source archive to your chosen destination. However, one key reason we’ve maintained our status as the leading vendor in email archive migrations over the last 17 years is our ability to adapt the initial plan mid-migration, demonstrating how flexible our migration solution can be if the situation arises.

Our solution is flexible from the very start. We offer support for the broadest range of archive sources and destinations on the market. And we can fulfill the migration for a lot of these platforms via API, Direct or even both if necessary – whichever provides the optimum connection route for your environment.

A recent migration project our Services team completed for Rochester Public Schools, provides a good example that shows how extensible and adaptable our solution can be, and just how highly skilled our Services personnel and Partners are. You can read more about how we successfully delivered the Microsoft Office 365 migration when the project scope changed mid-migration.

Transvault – The go-to solution

There we have it: 5 reasons why Transvault should be your chosen vendor for your email archive migration project. We hope this has given you a greater understanding as to why Transvault has been, and will continue to be, the go-to solution for email archive migrations. With world-class technology that is continually innovated, and unrivaled, continually growing migration experience ensures we’re the best option for your business.

In summary, other solutions may claim to have the most advanced or unmatched technology. Transvault has the most advanced and unmatched record of success. And we achieved that with the best mix of excellent technology, world-class support, and a commitment to successful outcomes.

One final thing to remember, together with our specialist Partner network, we’ve encountered many different configurations and unique migration requirements over the last 17 years. So, no matter how big or small your enterprise is, how simple or complex your migration project is, Transvault has the best solution for you.

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