Data-Lite Migrations

Optimised migrations for smaller email archive data volumes

On premises server ready for email archive migration software

The product had enough flexibility to handle our specific requirements and get us the speeds we were looking for in terms of throughput to Office 365. I would not hesitate in recommending this to anyone asked.

Ian Gates Director of Group IT Capita

Low-data email archive migrations

Transvault is the most cost-effective way for SMEs to migrate legacy email archives from Enterprise Vault or Enterprise Archive Solution (EAS) to Microsoft 365. Our data-lite migrations using Transvault Sprint, are optimised for small email archive migrations and is designed to reduce the cost, time and complexity associated with enterprise level migrations.

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  • Ideal for smaller, simpler migration projects and for the most common sources and targets

  • Secure, robust, adaptable and extensible software with over 14 years continual development and innovation

  • Industry leading, outcome focused support and customer service to ensure successful migrations

  • Legally defensible migrations, with full chain-of-custody capabilities for future eDiscovery

  • A seamless user experience as you migrate, minimising the impact on your business

How it works

Streamlined migration process to Microsoft 365

Transvault is the most compliant, quick and seamless-to-user way of migrating email archives to Microsoft 365. This is achieved by combining ultra-fast data extractions, with the most efficient and complaint ingestion processes into Microsoft’s cloud.

Pre-tuned with our renowned Transvault CloudStream technology that combines Microsoft-recommended protocols with our own sophisticated algorithms, including traffic-flow analysis and transactional processing, to deliver unbeatable ingestion speeds. Transvault Sprint streamlines and optimises the migration process to ensure you can quickly see the benefits of Microsoft 365.

One step process for compliance

As with our enterprise email archive migrations, our data-lite migrations deliver a full and demonstrable chain-of-custody for your data that meets the most stringent legislation surrounding the handling of email records. Transvault is the only email archive migration solution that moves your data in one-step with no interim formats. This ensures that your move to Microsoft 365 is fast, secure and efficient.

Safeguards include:

  • Detailed chain-of-custody reports
  • At-a-glance migration status updates
  • Auto-retries of any failed items
  • Built-in troubleshooting with expert online knowledge base

Seamless user experience

Built with the user in mind, Sprint delivers complete transparency to Microsoft Outlook and OWA users as their emails are moved into the Cloud.  Folder locations, access rights, shared emails and more are preserved.  Meanwhile, legacy shortcuts are cleaned up, resulting in a pain-free and immediately productive transition, with no interruption to your business.

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Deliver a successful email archive migration

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Image of Transvault Sprint Datasheet

Transvault Sprint DataSheet

Optimal for smaller data volumes, Transvault Sprint is the most intuitive, seamless and cost-effective way to migrate legacy email archives from Enterprise Vault (EV) or Enterprise Archive Solution (EAS) to Microsoft Office 365.

Download – Transvault Sprint DataSheet