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Email Archive Migration Software

Transvault Migrator is the proven and compliant way to migrate enterprise email archives. With a solution for virtually all existing proprietary archive platforms, services and appliances, both on-premises and in the Cloud, including Office 365 migrations.

With a focus on performance, security and user experience, Migrator delivers the most dependable and comprehensive migration product for projects with even the most complex enterprise-level requirements.

On premises server ready for email archive migration software

We lead with Transvault now… it’s because of the people that we get to work with and the quality and capability of their software

Greg Hickey Senior Account Executive Daymark Solutions Inc.

Key benefits

Why Transvault Migrator is the best choice

  1. Over 3200 successful migrations

    Including some of the largest and most complex in the world

  2. Secure, robust, adaptable and extensible software

    With over 18 years of continual development and innovation

  3. Industry leading, outcome focused support

    Helps improve project responsiveness and migration success

  4. Legally defensible migrations

    Full chain-of-custody capabilities ensure that your data is constantly safe during processing

  5. Excellent end user experience

    Seamless processing, vastly improving end user satisfaction and business continuity

  6. Start proving ROI from your new service

    Streamlined migrations quickly reduce your legacy infrastructure costs

How Migrator works

Migration is a process,
never a problem.

Transvault Migrator is the secure, compliant and seamless way to migrate email archives. It combines ultra-fast extractions from your archive source with the most efficient ingestion into a huge choice of destinations including Microsoft Office 365.

Migrator moves journal archives, individual and shared email archives and a wide range of message types with complete fidelity.

It’s the only solution that migrates your data in one step, end-to-end, with no interim formats or temporary storage, delivering full and demonstrable chain-of-custody for your data and high confidence that the data has been secure throughout the migration.



Microsoft Office 365 Migration Software

Microsoft 365 is a hugely popular option for enterprise businesses migrating their email archive to the Cloud. When it comes to Office 365 migration software, Migrator leads the way with over 3200 successful migrations. Our team of experts have continually evolved Migrator to a point where it is able to streamline and govern even the most challenging of Microsoft 365 migrations. 

Our Microsoft 365 migration software moves your email archive in one step, ensuring data security with complete chain of custody. No other Office 365 migration tool or software comes close when it comes to performance and meeting compliance requirements. Transvault Migrator is able to migrate almost all source archives into Microsoft 365, with seamless user experience. If you’re a complex enterprise business looking to reap the benefits of Microsoft 365, then Migrator offers a seamless migration with unbeatable performance.

Key features

Changing the view of Email Archive Migrations

Understand your archives

Prior to migration, Migrator examines your legacy archives, enabling you to understand exactly what data you have and how best to manage its future. You can then move your data selectively, in accordance with a range of criteria such as item size, owner, location, age, flags, etc.

Migration performance & scalability

Available as an on-premises or Cloud-based application (64-bit server technology), Transvault Migrator has a multi-server, multi-location architecture that maximises throughput, minimises wait times and easily delivers enterprise grade scalability.

One step process for compliance

Many organisations have a legislative or information governance requirement to retain data and ensure its integrity and visibility in any relevant eDiscovery scenario, for years, even decades.

With Migrator, organisations can move their records with complete confidence:  Banking-style transactional transfer techniques ensure security and prevent data loss or tampering during transmission. Meanwhile, a full audit of all activity and detailed reports confirm chain-of-custody for each item moved.

Journal support

Thanks to the universal Transvault Compliance Time Machine, legacy journal archives can be mapped into the Microsoft 365 compliance model from virtually any on-premises or Cloud-based journal solution. This unique service ensures that emails belonging to leavers, all Bcc’d recipients, and distribution list members are preserved, manageable and discoverable in a way that is supported by Microsoft 365 going forwards.  It also means enterprises don’t need to have the extra costs and eDiscovery overheads associated with maintaining a separate journal service, either on-premises or in the Cloud.

Seamless user experience

Advanced shortcut handling and status preservation ensure email archives remain seamlessly accessible to users post-migration.

Tech specs

Supported platforms

Virtually all enterprise grade email archives and platforms are supported.

Please contact Transvault for full information on versions and data types supported for each platform

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Transvault Migrator is the proven and compliant way to migrate enterprise email archives.

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