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Transvault has pioneered the migration market space and has produced a benchmark whereby all migration companies are measured.

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Just sit back, relax and enjoy the move.

With Transvault you’re in the safest hands.

Our solution supports virtually all existing proprietary archive platforms, services and appliances, both on-premises and in the Cloud. With a focus on performance, security, compliance and user experience, Transvault Migrator is the most dependable and comprehensive email archive migration product for projects with even the most complex enterprise-level requirements.

Using our streamlined email archive migration solution will not only minimise the impact on your current business processes, but also quickly reduce your legacy infrastructure costs, enabling your enterprise to start proving ROI from your new service.

  • Chain-of-custody

    Migrator is the only solution that migrates your data in one step, end-to-end, with no interim formats or temporary storage. Transvault’s full and demonstrable chain-of-custody provides data integrity checks, audit reports and remediation services that meets the most stringent legislation relating to email records handling. All these measures enables you to have the highest confidence that your data has been secure throughout the email archive migration process.

  • Ultra-fast

    Our expert algorithms and intelligent throttling guarantee unbeatable ingestion speeds with minimal impact on your network. Extractions from virtually any archive source with the most efficient ingestion into Microsoft’s cloud to reach unbeatable migration speeds in excess of 6.5TBs a day – Read more on email archive migration speeds.

  • Journal migration support

    If your enterprise uses email journaling to respond to legal, regulatory or compliance requirements, an email archive migration to Microsoft 365 often means making decisions about where to maintain your journal going forwards. Transvault is the zero-risk solution for migrating journal archives to Microsoft 365 – Find out more about journal migration to Microsoft 365.

  • PST migrations

    PSTs could be anywhere on your network, containing unknown and unclassified content, creating a major data compliance risk for your business. Transvault’s PST solution combines world class technology with unrivalled expertise, experience and integrity to migrate your PSTs securely and seamlessly.

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Key benefits

Why Transvault is the best choice for email archive migration

  1. Over 3000 successful migrations

    Including some of the largest and most complex in the world

  2. Broadest range of archive sources and destinations in the market

    23 Sources Archives to 18 Target Archives

  3. Uniquely Intelligent

    We offer journal support, shortcut management and shared mailbox migration

  4. 100% focused on the outcome you need

    Industry leading, outcome focused support and customer service to ensure successful migrations

  5. Legally defensible migrations

    Full chain-of-custody capabilities for future eDiscovery

Email archive migration to Microsoft 365

Transvault is the most compliant, quick and seamless-to-user way of migrating email archives to Microsoft 365. This is achieved by combining our unbeatable, ultra-fast data extractions from virtually any archive source, with the most efficient and compliant ingestion processes into Microsoft’s cloud.

Transvault makes moving to Microsoft 365 fast and efficient, but more importantly, it guarantees full and demonstrable chain-of-custody for your data. Advanced shortcut handling and status preservation ensures email archives remain seamlessly accessible to users post Microsoft 365 migration.

You also get complete auditing and Microsoft 365 migration help. Transvault offer support for journal migration into the Microsoft 365 compliance model. This enables you to move sensitive data with confidence and use Microsoft 365 as a one-stop-shop for retention management and eDiscovery.

Tech Specs

Supported Platforms

Transvault provides direct and API-based support for a wide range of archive systems. No other email archive migration solution supports both data migrations and shortcut management for as many different archive platforms and versions.

View all our Supported Platforms

Here are some of the most frequent platforms we support:

We’re frequently adding connectors for new platforms. If you don’t see your planned source or target archive listed, please get in touch.

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Transvault Migrator DataSheet

Transvault Migrator is the proven and compliant way to migrate enterprise email archives.

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