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Feedback From the Field on CloudStream Performance

CloudStream is a package of performance improvements designed to accelerate the ingestion of legacy archive data to Microsoft Office 365. Released following extensive R&D and close collaboration with the Microsoft product teams, here’s some of the early feedback:

From Partners:

As you know I have upgraded customer from Migrator 6.5 to Migrator 7.1... At a minimum I am able to capitalize on double the performance when comparing that performance to Migrator 6.5 using the same processing and receiving threads. Now with the improved memory utilization I am able to get 3x and 4x performance by increasing the processing and receiving threads. With the above being said, I have not made any configuration changes or account changes on any of the migration servers or the migration SQL server that could justify the performance increases. I wanted to be able to compare performance and stability on an ‘apples to apples’ basis.

I want to do a immediate joint marketing on customer and the speeds we are seeing with the new connector. Awesome.

TransVault has been our top trusted partner and advisor on all things migration for over five years. With the new addition of CloudStream to their product offerings for archive migration, they have equipped us with some of the fastest migration speeds existing today along with enhanced message auditing

From development:

Our development team saying we did it

Our development team saying we did it

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