Seamless Transition: Verrill Dana Law Achieves Email Archiving Success with Transvault

Dell EMC SourceOne to Mimecast Email Archive Migration

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Founded in 1862, Verrill Dana Law is a national legal firm with 10 offices across the USA. It caters to industries such as construction, energy, food and beverage, healthcare, higher education, manufacturing, technology, and telecommunications.

Facing the challenge of migrating email archives to Mimecast while preserving legacy Dell EMC SourceOne data, Verrill Dana sought a solution to streamline the migration process.

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Transvault provided a very successful project that was completed much faster than expected and a great success!

Joseph Mackey Director of IT Engineering Verrill Dana LLP

The Challenge

Verrill Dana encountered a significant hurdle in migrating their email archives to Mimecast.

With an extensive archive spanning approximately 4.5 years stored in the legacy Dell EMC SourceOne system, the migration process proved to be daunting.

The primary challenge stemmed from the labour-intensive and time-consuming manual approaches that were initially undertaken.

Recognizing the pressing need for a streamlined migration process that would not break the budget, Verrill Dana sought a migration partner. They needed a partner capable of providing a solution that would not only address their current challenges but also align with their financial constraints.

Considering this, the decision to explore Transvault as a potential solution emerged as a pivotal step in overcoming the obstacles that hindered their email archive migration project.

The Solution

The engagement with Transvault began with a direct outreach from Joe Mackey to the Transvault team, initiating a collaborative effort to address Verrill’s unique requirements.

The interaction unfolded into a smooth quoting and scoping process, where Transvault demonstrated a keen understanding of Verrill’s needs and challenges.

Transvault’s proposed solution aligned with the technical intricacies of the migration project as well as meeting Verrill Dana Law’s budgetary constraints. 

Despite the comprehensive nature of the conditions, the proposal resonated positively with Verrill Dana Law, demonstrating a commitment to professionalism, efficiency, and a collaborative approach. Resulting in a swift acceptance of the proposal and start to the migration project itself. 

The Process

With the collaboration initiated, the email archive migration project began with a well-coordinated and efficient process.

Sam Mercer, acting as Verrill’s engineer, worked in tandem with Transvault’s Service Delivery Consultant, Mike Harvey. Despite the geographical separation between Sam and Mike, the project unfolded seamlessly. The efficient communication and responsiveness of both parties ensured that any potential challenges arising from the physical distance were effectively mitigated.

The project progressed beyond Verrill Dana Law’s expectations, and the smooth workflow was punctuated by daily reports provided by Transvault.

These reports not only facilitated transparency but also offered a visual representation of cleanup efforts. This feature was particularly well-received by Verrill, providing them with insights into the progress made, areas that required attention, and a tangible representation of the value delivered by the migration process.

Despite the project’s complexity and the vast amount of data being transferred, the collaboration was marked by a notable lack of disruptions or delays.

The positive working relationship ensured that the project exceeded the set expectations.

Business professional working on laptop
Business professional working on laptop

The Result

The successful culmination of the email archive migration project between Verrill Dana Law and Transvault stands as a testament to the efficacy of the collaboration and the positive impact it has had on Verrill’s operations. This achievement yielded significant advantages for Verrill Dana Law, highlighting the transformative impact of partnering with Transvault. 

Despite the ongoing negotiations with Mimecast for data ingestion, the decision to store the data in PSTs (Personal Storage Tables) emerged as a strategic move for Verrill. This approach provided them with a level of flexibility, enabling them to explore various options for managing and utilising the archived data effectively. The PST format not only served as a secure repository but also empowered Verrill with the freedom to make informed decisions about their data strategy moving forward.

This result not only demonstrated the success of the migration project but also highlighted the importance of adaptability and informed decision-making in navigating the complexities of email archiving solutions.

The resounding success of the migration was underscored by the enthusiastic response from Joe Mackey, Director of IT Engineering at Verrill Dana Law: “Transvault provided a very successful project that was completed much faster than expected and a great success!” Mackey’s endorsement reflects the high level of satisfaction with Transvault’s Services and the overall outcome of the project, as well as also highlighting the trust and confidence instilled by Transvault in Verrill Dana Law’s IT leadership. 

Looking ahead, Verrill Dana Law is poised for further advancements in their IT infrastructure. With the successful migration laying a solid foundation, the firm anticipates exploring potential upgrades and improvements to enhance their overall email archiving and management capabilities.

The positive experience with Transvault has positioned Verrill Dana Law to approach future endeavours with confidence and a forward-thinking mindset, ensuring that their IT infrastructure continues to evolve in tandem with the firm’s growth and changing needs.

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