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Experience a bespoke, compliant and fault-free Microsoft 365 migration with Transvault.
Our market-leading migration solution, Transvault Migrator, streamlines even the most challenging of migrations. We have proven experience in delivering Office 365 migrations with unbeatable performance and functionality for large, complex and compliance-sensitive enterprises.

Moving to Microsoft 365 with Transvault

Experience the future of productivity and collaboration with a migration to Microsoft 365. Transvault is your trusted partner when it comes to the migration of email archives to Microsoft 365. We specialize in making this complex process feel refreshingly simple, ensuring that your valuable email data is seamlessly transferred and readily accessible within your new Microsoft 365 environment.

Our team of experts has mastered the art of email archive migration with over 100+ years of migration experience. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to unlock the full potential of your organization. Make the strategic move to Microsoft 365 with Transvault today and embark on a journey toward a brighter, more productive future.

On-premises environments to Microsoft 365

Is your organization still relying on legacy on-premises email archive solutions? Transvault specializes in the smooth transition of email archive data from on-premises environments to Microsoft 365, ensuring you benefit from the advanced capabilities of this powerful platform.

Why Choose Transvault for Your On-Premises to Microsoft 365 Email Archive Migration?

  • Expert Guidance: Transvault’s team of experts possesses years of experience in email archive migration. We understand the complexities involved in moving from on-premises solutions to Microsoft 365 and will guide you through every step, making the process effortless.
  • Minimized Disruptions: We recognize the importance of maintaining your business operations during the transition. Our approach minimizes disruptions, ensuring that your email archive data remains accessible and secure.
  • Enhanced Email Archive Management: Microsoft 365 offers robust email archive features, enabling you to protect, organize, and search your data with ease. Say goodbye to the limitations of legacy systems and embrace a more efficient and flexible email archive management solution.
  • Security and Compliance: With Microsoft 365, your email archive data benefits from advanced security features, ensuring it is protected against threats and compliant with industry regulations.
  • Cost Optimization: Microsoft 365 is not only feature-rich but also cost-effective. You’ll maximize your ROI while enjoying the full suite of Microsoft 365 tools and services.

Microsoft 365 migration tool

Moving to Microsoft 365 has never been easier thanks to Transvault Migrator. Our powerful Microsoft 365 migration tool minimizes the impact on your current business processes and quickly reduces your legacy infrastructure costs. This enables your enterprise to start proving ROI from Microsoft 365 quicker.

  • Proven and reliable

    Over 20 years of continual development and innovation, Migrator has been used in over 3000 data migration projects around the world.

  • Compliant and legally defensible migrations

    Full chain-of-custody capabilities for future Microsoft 365 eDiscovery

  • Seamless user experience as you migrate

    Minimize the downtime and impact on your business with our Office 365 Migration Tool

  • Powerful, versatile and scalable architecture

    Our expert algorithms and intelligent throttling deliver unbeatable ingestion speeds in excess of 6.5TBs a day

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Why migrate to Microsoft 365 with Transvault?

With our Microsoft 365 migration solution, you can further prove due diligence around data governance and compliance standards. Benefit from the following capabilities:

  1. Direct, end-to-end migrations with no interim formats or staging areas that could generate a risk of data tampering.

  2. Inline, immediate setting of legal hold and retention periods as users are migrated.

  3. Migrating leavers’ data and recycling Microsoft licenses according to Microsoft’s best practices.

  4. Sending precise, timely migration status updates to key stakeholders.

  5. Creating detailed audits and reports that provide peace of mind that everything has been successfully migrated into Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 migration solutions

Transvault has pioneered the migration market space and has produced a benchmark whereby all migration companies are measured.

Dennis Wild Product Manager Hewlett Packard

Email Archive Migration to Microsoft 365

The most advanced, proven and compliant way to migrate enterprise email archives to Microsoft 365

Transvault was the first email archive migration solution on the market. With continual improvement and innovation, it remains the go-to solution for large and challenging email archive migrations. Your enterprise can trust us completely to deliver a cost-efficient and compliant migration to Microsoft 365.

We provide a solution for virtually all existing on-premises and cloud archive platforms, services and appliances with a focus on performance, security and user experience. Our streamlined Microsoft 365 migration services mean you can start benefitting from the Cloud sooner.

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PST Migrations to Microsoft 365

PSTs can be literally anywhere on your network, containing unknown content. This makes tackling PSTs a highly complex and critical task, demanding significant ‘horsepower’ and sophisticated functionality. Migrating your PST files to Microsoft 365 with Transvault eradicates these problems.

We will migrate your PST contents in line with your enterprise compliance and business needs. Using granularity and flexibility, we enforce the necessary PST content management policies.

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Journal Migrations to Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 doesn’t provide a conventional journal mailbox. This represents a significant challenge to anyone wanting to migrate their journal as part of an enterprise migration. Fortunately, Transvault offers a range of options for handling the future of your journals and journal archives.

Developed in consultation with Microsoft, Transvault provides a unique Microsoft 365 journaling service – Compliance Time Machine. It’s the only zero-risk solution for migrating a journal archive to Microsoft 365 where email compliance records are:

  • Complete and fully available for eDiscovery
  • Conformant to Microsoft’s compliance model and mailbox licensing policy
  • Accurately organized into individual custodian mailboxes to ensure all the relevant mailboxes are included by legal staff as part of any future eDiscovery exercise
  • Securely and reliably transferred, with full and demonstrable chain-of-custody and integrity

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Supported platforms for Microsoft Office 365 Migrations

Transvault provides direct and API-based support for a very wide range of archive systems when migrating to Office 365.

No other email archive migration solution supports both data migrations and shortcut management for as many different archive platforms and versions.

We’re frequently adding connectors for new platforms. Please get in contact if your planned source isn’t listed.

See all our Supported Platforms

These include:

Microsoft Exchange to Office 365 migration

Looking for a hassle-free transition from Microsoft Exchange to Office 365? Transvault is tailored to simplify your migration process. Our innovative technology seamlessly integrates Microsoft best practices with our own proprietary algorithms and intelligent throttling. This ensures lightning-fast data ingestion into Office 365 while minimising disruptions to your network and end-users.

A successful migration from Microsoft Exchange to Office 365 is a game-changer for your organisation, and with Transvault’s expertise, you can make it happen. For a seamless transition, consult with Transvault’s migration experts, who understand digital transformation projects like this and will guide you through the process while ensuring your specific needs are met. Your journey to Office 365 starts with Transvault.

Your Microsoft 365 Migration Partners

Embarking on a Microsoft 365 migration is a critical milestone for your organisation, and having the right partner by your side is paramount. With Transvault’s wealth of expertise and cutting-edge technology, we make your journey to Microsoft 365 a seamless and efficient experience.

Transvault’s unique approach combines Microsoft’s best practices with our own expert algorithms and intelligent throttling, ensuring unbeatable ingestion speeds into Microsoft 365. The result? A swift and secure migration with minimal disruption to your network and users.

Ready to experience a transformational Microsoft 365 migration with Transvault? Contact us today to discuss your migration needs and take the first step towards a future of enhanced productivity and collaboration.

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Microsoft 365 migration resources

Making Office 365 a One-Stop-Shop for email records compliance

Making Office 365 a one stop shop for compliance

This whitepaper offers organisations planning a migration to the Cloud a ‘considerations roadmap’ for migrating their legacy email records.

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