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Migrate PST Files to Microsoft 365

PSTs could be anywhere on your network, containing unknown and unclassified content. This creates a major data compliance risk for your business. With breaches in data regulations such as CCPA levying significant fines and the immeasurable reputational damage from a data breach, it’s no wonder that this particular business risk has become a top priority for those who understand the impact. Moving your PST data inside the security governance of Microsoft 365 is the most popular response to this risk.

Transvault PST migration combines world-class technology using our PST migration software, with unrivalled expertise, experience and integrity to migrate your PSTs securely and seamlessly.

On premises server ready for email archive migration software

Without PST Insight’s ability to scan within the PSTs, we would have needed to pull back 10 times the volume of email data, significantly increasing the data capture time and delaying eDiscovery. It goes without saying, by minimizing what needed to be moved, we also avoided an adverse performance hit on our network.

Scott Hyman Senior Consultant at Integro

Key Benefits

Why Transvault PST migration is a good choice

  1. Swiftly remove the latent data privacy risk

    Locate and address dangerous, hidden data littered across the enterprise

  2. Eliminate PST overheads

    Eradicate management and storage waste for legacy data

  3. Improve PST eDiscovery

    Improved information governance reduces the time and complexity in eDiscovery scenarios

  4. Industry leading, outcome-focused support

    Helps improve project responsiveness and migration success

  5. Legally defensible migrations

    Full chain-of-custody capabilities ensure that your data is constantly safe during processing

  6. Excellent end user experience

    Seamless processing, vastly improving end user satisfaction and business continuity

Move PSTs to Microsoft 365 with Transvault

Importing PST files to Microsoft Office 365 is direct and simple with Transvault – there’s no interim stages or file formats that add time, complexity and risk to your move.

Manage PST files in line with data policies with PST Insight

Our approach to PST migration lets you manage PST contents in line with your compliance and business needs. Supporting the eDiscovery process, we enable analysis and targeted collection across many thousands of PSTs without having to first migrate all their contents centrally.

For example, you might decide to:

  • Migrate all or just a subset of PST contents centrally
  • Delete ‘in place’ any contents that fall outside of your retention policy.
  • Search for shortcuts that have been put in PSTs, & either delete or re-hydrate them with the full item.

Unlike other PST management tools, PST Insight gives you unrivalled visibility of the individual emails in PST files. It will help you profile PST contents according to age, size, attachment type and many other criteria, generating detailed management reports that illustrate the risk and storage burden PST files represent to your company.

Designed for large and complex PST management projects, PST Insight delivers scalability and flexibility for your PST migration. It also gives the auditing and one-step assurance that lets you tackle your PST file with confidence.

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Transvault PST Insight combines world-class technology with unrivalled expertise, experience and integrity to migrate your PSTs securely and seamlessly.

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