Shire Pharmaceuticals achieves fastest email archive migration to Office 365

fastest email archive migration to office 365

Shire Pharmaceuticals produce incredibly fast speeds of 6.7TBs per day whilst moving its legacy email records using Transvault

Shire Pharmaceuticals
Microsoft Office 365
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With customer archives growing exponentially, the timelines involved in migrating data workloads to the cloud are becoming a critical factor in choosing the optimum onboarding strategy.

The rush to re-locate is being fuelled by the fact that organizations are looking towards Office 365 to meet their compliance and eDiscovery needs relating to sensitive, personal information held in historic archives and email journals.

Migration leader, Transvault, offers a proven, end-to-end cloud migration capability for sensitive data, and is continually working on enhancing its performance.

Recently in Australia, Shire recorded a sustained migration throughput between an on-premises legacy archive and Microsoft Office 365 of 6.7TBs a day.

This incredible performance was sustained across multiple days and the project completed in record time, much to the delight of the Shire team responsible.

We’ve always put an emphasis on migration performance, even more so now that everyone is keen to take off to the cloud as quickly as possible. However, we never prioritize performance over a proper, defensible migration. We work closely with technology vendors, in this case, Microsoft, to properly understand their best practices when it comes to moving data to their cloud-based systems. As a result, we have the most compliant and streamlined Microsoft Office 365 email archive migration capability available.

Darwin Lee Transvault CEO

With Transvault you’re in the safest hands

Fast. Secure. Compliant migrations.

Transvault has ultimate confidence and pride in its technology and support for Partners around the globe. Migrations can be complex and aren’t just about speed. Transvault was at the inception of the email archive migration market some years ago and has the longest experience of any company in the world alongside the widest, optimized support for 23 source archives and 18 targets.

Find out more about how Transvault approach email archive migrations to Microsfoft 365 for large companies.

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