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Fully-Serviced Email Archive Migrations

Want to have your migration delivered as a service?  

TransVault as a Service is available through a global network of TransVault Certified Migration Masters whom have been enabled to ensure complete data confidence for your enterprise legacy email record migration.

When businesses encounter technological change brought on by a merger or acquisition, a strategic shift to the Cloud, or the obsolescence of their archive or storage solution, they turn to TransVault technology—and TransVault Partners—to preserve the accessibility and the integrity of their business and compliance records.

With support for virtually all archive platforms, services and appliances, both on-premises and in the Cloud, as well as PST files, format conversions, public folders, journals, contacts and calendar items, TransVault solutions go unmatched in speed, and deliver the most comprehensive and dependable migration service around.

For years, TransVault certified Migration Masters have made TransVault their solution of choice to cope with even the most complex migration projects.

Unbeatable Scalability & Performance

Delivered as an on-premises or cloud-based service, TransVault combines cutting-edge extraction connectors and one-step transfers into a range of archives and email platforms to deliver the fastest migration speeds for your legacy email records. Plus, if you’re moving to Office 365, TransVault uses transactional processing, Microsoft-recommended protocols and sophisticated algorithms, including traffic-flow analysis, to deliver the industry’s fastest Office 365 on-boarding service.


TransVault is the ultimate migration solution, with services that include:

  • Support for virtually all archive platforms
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Advanced scheduling
  • Notes to Exchange conversion
  • Sophisticated controls to ease inter-domain and multi-platform migrations
  • The ability to migrate compliance journal archives to Office 365

Advanced Error Handling

In addition to delivering detailed compliance audit trails, data integrity checks, error-tracking, re-processing and in-built trouble-shooting, TransVault partners are able to deliver data remediation services designed to tackle site-specific issues such as data corruptions within the source archive.

User Centric

Built with the user in mind, TransVault delivers complete transparency to users as their emails are moved.  Folder locations, access rights, shared emails and more are preserved.  Meanwhile legacy shortcuts are converted or removed (for example, if you’re migrating to Office 365), resulting in a pain-free and immediately-productive transition, with no interruption to your business.

Secure Journal Migration

TransVault services ensure the secure and reliable migration of archived journal data to new platforms, with the ability to preserve vital compliance meta-data (including BCC’d recipients and the historic members of distribution lists).  Maintaining this data as you migrate is vital for any future eDiscovery exercise, as without it you don’t have an accurate picture of who received an email.


The first solution to be certified by both Microsoft and Veritas (formerly Symantec), TransVault is behind many of the world’s most notable and complex migrations.  Our global network of Certified Migration Partners have delivered over 2,000 projects using TransVault’s intelligent migration solutions – backed by TransVault’s unbeatable support.

You benefit when you work with TransVault™

  • Certified by Microsoft™
  • Unparalelled scalability
  • Runs on-prem or in Azure
  • Content level control
  • Manage and migrate content in line with policies
  • Advanced control

“TransVault has been very helpful on this complex issue of EV Notes to EV Exchange migration planning. Outstanding support from very knowledgeable engineers. Thank you!”

Salim Othman - Bluesource Information Ltd

“Thanks very much for the support provided to a fledgling TransVault engineer; much appreciated!”

Derek Lewinson - EMC

“I have to say that I have been impressed by TransVault's agility and flexibility throughout our Office 365 migration project”

Messaging Specialist - Large IT Services Company

“One of the biggest challenges in archive migrations is that there is always something different. I can go to TransVault and my problem goes away very quickly. I've worked with many new partners in Symantec and we've never had the support like we do from TransVault. I've yet to see another partner who can deliver like that.”

David DeMings - Symantec

“I'm not sure if you have visibility on this, but wanted to drop a quick note of THANKS for your help in getting such quick support and turnaround. It was very important to our client, and I think they were impressed that TV really stepped up and took responsibility for getting the job done.”

Dan Sullivan - US Amplify

“TransVault has pioneered the migration market space and has produced a benchmark whereby all migration companies are measured.”

Dennis Wild - Product Manager, Archiving (IAP) at Hewlett-Packard

“You guys are legend!!! Thanks very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Max Massioni - Consultant, Bluesource

“I figured I'd share some feedback regarding TransVault. I must confess that these migration rates are certainly amazing now that the processes are running. A good average throughput comes to just roughly under 20GB per hour. Not one other tool in the market produces these results! I guess I couldn't keep this to myself.”

Chris Mathe - Account Executive, US-Amplify

“Archive migrations are technically (and politically) challenging projects. Our archiving expertise, combined with our project management methodologies and Transvault's advanced archive migration capabilities, enable us to meet customer requirements that are completely out of reach for any sort of "brute force" approach ”

JD Creedon - GlassHouse

“We're one of Microsoft's go-to partners for migrations to Office365. TransVault enables us to add significant value for both Microsoft and our customers by selectively migrating archived mail directly to Office365 along with mailboxes and live mail.”

Jerry Martin - Core BTS

“TransVault's partner certification a challenging and tough yet well written exam for a terrific product.”

Ben Shorehill - Insentra

“TransVault Insight has been designed and developed by a team that understands the business needs of orgs. This team has worked with large global 2000 enterprise customers with 100ks of employees dispersed across multiple global server sites.”

Andrew Moffat - Founder of Educom (Original author of EAS)

“On Monday morning our users came in to find all their e-mails and address books intact and fully functional. We could just get on with business as usual.”

Eugene vanVueren - IT manager - Webber Wentzel Bowens

“I would say that the project was very well co-ordinated and went about as smooth as it can go!”

John Twilley - Senior Network Engineer - Catalina Marketing

“I would like to give you all a huge thank you for all your hard work and effort that was put into finding such a speedy solution to migrating Japanese messages. This quick solution has put us in a seriously good light with our client. You guys have an unbelievably professional team and are an absolute pleasure to work with.”

Warren Marks - Senior Engineer - SOARsoft Africa