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Transvault’s technology has been the driving force behind some of the world’s most complex and challenging email archive migrations within banking and finance organisations all over the world.

We’re proud to have delivered over 700 successful migration projects in the sector. As email archive migration specialists, we combine the best tools with the best people to power complex migrations quickly, securely and seamlessly.

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Successful Banking & Finance sector email archive migrations

Our experience in delivering successful migrations to our Banking and Finance clients is second to none.

Many businesses within the financial sector make the move to platforms such as Microsoft 365 for regulatory and compliance reasons. With stringent financial regulations and legislation in place like GDPR, CCPA and ISO27001, banking and finance company’s need to have stringent measures in place for migrations to remain complaint. Transvault moves your data in one step, ensuring full chain-of-custody of the data and a compliant migration.

More than just compliance

There are significant financial gains with the increased business resilience of moving to the Cloud. It means your workforce can work and collaborate from anywhere reducing building and travel costs. The increased security capability and ease of eDiscovery of platforms such as Microsoft 365 also means you reduce any financial risk from potential litigation or security issues.

We pride ourselves on delivering secure, complaint, efficient migrations for the very largest global organisations in the sector so they can quickly demonstrate the ROI of their migration and get their users productive on their new cloud platforms.

Read our blog to learn why the time is now for financial service to adopt the cloud.

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Key benefits

Why Transvault is the best choice for banking & financial organisations

  1. Secure & compliant migrations

    Full chain-of custody capabilities ensure data compliance obligations from stringent financial regulations can be met.

  2. Data integrity & visibility

    With data integrity checks and audit reports you can be confident of a successful migration, so you can quickly unlock critical corporate date for future e-Discovery requirements.

  3. Minimal business impact

    Seamless processing, vastly improving end user satisfaction and business continuity

  4. Start proving ROI from your new service

    Streamlined migrations quickly reduce your legacy infrastructure costs and migration timescales

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