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Let us Guide you Through the Vital Steps for Moving Financial Email Records to Office 365

At last!  Office 365 is proving to be a one-stop-shop for compliance for financial sector clients.


Cornerstone Technologies can help you navigate your best route to the cloud, and in such as way that:

  • You preserve integrity and chain-of-custody as your email records are moved
  • Your physical records move meets even the most demanding scrutiny
  • Post-migration, your email records are fully discoverable
  • You adhere to Microsoft licensing terms when storing year’s worth of legacy data
  • End users are transitioned with minimal disruption and maximum satisfaction


To find out more about best practices for moving financial email records into Office 365 and to receive your guide to best practices for making Office 365 a one-stop-shop for compliance, get in touch today.

making office 365 a one stop shop for email records compliance

To find out more and receive your guide to making Office 365 a one-stop-shop for email records compliance complete this form.

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