Microsoft 365 Migrations

Design and automate the optimal Microsoft 365 migration for your organisation’s user mailboxes, files and email archives. 

Designed with large, complex and compliance-sensitive organisations in mind, our unbeatable performance and functionality will ensure you’re delivered a streamlined, tailored and fault-free Microsoft 365 migration.

Delivered via our powerful SaaS product Transvault OnBoard that streamlines and governs the most challenging of migrations to Microsoft 365.

Moving to Microsoft 365 with Transvault

Using the Transvault OnBoard platform, a Microsoft 365 migration has never been easier for your enterprise. The powerful platform automates, orchestrates and accelerates enterprise onboarding to Microsoft 365 for multiple workloads including user mailboxes, files, archives and Unified Communications.

Microsoft 365 Migration Steps

The workflow builder makes it simple to plan and visualise a bespoke Microsoft 365 migration for your enterprise; mapping out interdependencies, defining triggers and actions, and displaying them in the proper context.

  1. Email the user about their upcoming migration
  2. Assign a Microsoft 365 license to that user
  3. Set litigation hold
  4. Move the Primary Mailbox to Microsoft 365
  5. Create an In-Place Archive Mailbox for that user
  6. Migrate the user’s legacy archive to the In-Place Archive and home drive data to OneDrive for Business
  7. Move file shares to SharePoint
  8. Notify user and other stakeholders that their migration is complete
  • Proven and reliable

    Over 15 years continual development and innovation. Used in over 2700 projects around the world 

  • Compliant and legally defensible migrations

    Full chain-of-custody capabilities for future eDiscovery

  • Seamless user experience as you migrate

    Minimising the downtime and impact on your business

  • Post-migration benefits

    Integrated learning management assignment and access to free Microsoft 365 reporting

  • Powerful, versatile and scalable architecture

    Ability to run fully customisable migrations in parallel across various locations. With adaptable migration policies and actions to suit every area of your enterprise.

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Why migrate to Microsoft 365 with Transvault?

Customers of our Microsoft 365 migration solution can further prove due diligence of their data governance and compliance standards, with capabilities that include:

  1. Direct, end-to-end migrations with no interim formats or staging areas that could generate a risk of data tampering.

  2. Inline, immediate setting of legal hold and retention periods as users are migrated.

  3. Migrating leavers’ data and recycling Microsoft licences according to Microsoft’s best practices.

  4. Sending precise, timely migration status updates to key stakeholders.

  5. Creating detailed audits and reports, giving peace of mind that everything has been successfully delivered into Microsoft 365.

Transvault has pioneered the migration market space and has produced a benchmark whereby all migration companies are measured.

Dennis Wild Product Manager Hewlett Packard

Email Archive Migration to Microsoft 365

The most advanced, proven and compliant way to migrate enterprise email archive

Transvault was the first and has continued to be the go-to-solution for delivering the largest and most challenging email archive migrations in the world. With over 15 years’ experience and proven in over 2700 projects worldwide, you can trust us to deliver.

A solution for virtually all existing on-premises and cloud archive platforms, services and appliances with a focus on performance, security and user experience. Our streamlined Microsoft 365 email archive migration services will not only minimise the impact on your current business processes, but also quickly reduce your legacy infrastructure costs and enable your enterprise to start proving ROI from your Microsoft 365 investment. 

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User Migrations to Microsoft 365

The ultimate way to choreograph mass migrations of user mailboxes, home drives, file shares & archives.

Onboarding enterprises involves a site-specific approach that takes into consideration a range of interdependent workloads; business and industry-specific compliance requirements; the needs of different individuals, departments and locations, and the demands of various stakeholders responsible for Microsoft 365 success. 

An example user migration to Microsoft 365 workflow might be:

  • Start by sending user a migration notification
  • Assign their Microsoft 365 user licence, set litigation hold, adjust maximum message size, etc
  • Migrate their primary mailbox
  • On completion, migrate their email archive
  • Migrate the user’s home drive contents to OneDrive for Business
  • Email a progress update to admins & managers
  • Send users a Microsoft 365 welcome email
  • Trigger other onboarding steps such as training

PST Migrations to Microsoft 365

PSTs can be literally anywhere on your network, and can contain unknown content. This makes tackling PSTs a highly complex task, demanding significant ‘horsepower’ and sophisticated functionality. Migrating your PST files to Microsoft 365 with Transvault can eradicate these problems.

We can migrate your PST contents in line with your enterprise compliance and business needs, using granularity and flexibility to enforce the necessary PST content management policies.

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Journal Migrations to Microsoft 365

The challenge that you face if you want to migrate your journal as part of your enterprise migration, is that Microsoft 365 doesn’t provide a conventional journal mailbox. Fortunately, Transvault offers a range of options for handing the future of your journals and journal archives.

Developed in consultation with Microsoft, Transvault offers a unique service that is the only zero-risk solution for migrating a journal archive to Microsoft 365 in such a way that email compliance records are:

  • Complete and fully available for eDiscovery
  • Conformant to Microsoft’s compliance model and mailbox licensing policy
  • Accurately organized into individual custodian mailboxes to ensure all the relevant mailboxes are included by legal staff as part of any future eDiscovery exercise
  • Securely and reliably transferred, with full and demonstrable chain-of-custody and integrity

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Supported platforms

Transvault provides direct and API-based support for a very wide range of archive systems.

No other email archive migration solution supports both data migrations and shortcut management for as many different archive platforms and versions.

We’re frequently adding connectors for new platforms. If you don’t see your planned source or target archive listed, please get in touch.

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These include:

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Microsoft 365 migration resources

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