Dell EMC SourceOne End of Life – what next?

Posted by Liam Neate on Oct 11, 2021 Last updated Jun 26, 2024

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EMC SourceOne is fast approaching end of life (EOL). With Dell withdrawing its support for the archive in December 2024, organizations need to act now to protect their essential data.

If you’re currently using SourceOne for archiving, you need to choose a replacement and plan your data migration out of EMC SourceOne into your new supported platform.

Many businesses will take SourceOne end-of-life as an opportunity to move to a cloud-based platform and migrate their email archive to Microsoft 365.

When does EMC SourceOne go end of life?

Dell EMC SourceOne reaches its End of Support Service (EOSS) on 31st December 2024. This is confirmed on Dell’s website via a downloadable list of Software End of Service Life notifications. After this date, Dell will “no longer provide support including software maintenance, bug fixes and critical security patches.”

Why it’s important to act now

Unsupported email archives can slow you down and expose your business to risk. When Dell stops providing SourceOne security patches, your archiving data will become vulnerable to security threats such as hacking and malware. Your business may even experience data loss when SourceOne is no longer actively maintained. This can cause major compliance issues, exposing your organization to legal action and significant financial penalties.

Transvault is here to help you quickly and securely move to your desired archive. We’ll help you move your data before SourceOne becomes unsupported and unpatched, ensuring your business is protected. With a focus on high quality outcomes, we’ll minimize any disruption to users and cut costs by only moving what is necessary.

SourceOne End of Life – what actions do I need to take?

There may be the pressure of a hard deadline with SourceOne but the steps you need to take are clear:

  1. Identify a new platform
  2. Communicate with stakeholders
  3. Engage a trusted partner for your migration
  4. Plan your migration – include timelines, resource allocation, and testing to help ensure a successful migration. Read our guide to Data Migration Planning.
  5. Migrate your data
  6. Start to generate an ROI from your move

Migrating out of SourceOne

Transvault has delivered email archive migrations out of EMC archives for over a decade, moving over 6.8 Petabytes of SourceOne data across 300+ projects. Transvault are highly experienced with large and complex email archive migrations from on-premises to cloud and pride ourselves on an outcome-focused experience. Speak to us today.

Read more about what to do when your archive goes end of life..

The most advanced, proven and compliant way to migrate from SourceOne

Transvault solutions have been successfully delivering migrations out of EMC archives for almost 10 years. In fact, we’ve migrated over 3 Petabytes of SourceOne data across 300+ projects. We move the contents of your SourceOne or legacy EMC EmailXtender archives to your desired on-premises or cloud-based archiving platform using the fastest and most efficient mechanisms on the market.

When it comes to SourceOne migrations, no project is the same. Transvault’s service bench and our trusted partners have encountered various configurations and project requirements. By meeting these requirements, we have a truly tried and tested solution to deliver successful SourceOne migrations. It’s even used by EMC themselves.

Ready to migrate from SourceOne?

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Benefits of migrating your SourceOne archive to Cloud platforms such as Microsoft 365

With SourceOne archive going end of life now is the perfect time to review your email strategy and consider a move to a Cloud platform such as Microsoft 365.

There are many benefits to migrating your SourceOne data to the Cloud, here are just a few:

  • You will save significant costs by no longer having to maintain a separate email archive solution
  • Centralizing your data in the Cloud will reduce the cost of data administration
  • The ability to access your data at anytime from anywhere will improve business resilience
  • You’ll experience better collaboration through tools such as Microsoft Teams for SharePoint
  • There are ever-growing security capabilities within cloud platforms.
  • You’ll have improved eDiscovery and compliance capability

To ensure you have a smooth migration and quickly see these benefits, you need an expert migration partner. In this video, we outline Transvault and our Partners’ experience and expertise in SourceOne Cloud migrations and how we can help you deliver a successful move.

A move to the Cloud requires careful planning, so it’s important to not delay your SourceOne migration.

On premises server ready for email archive migration software
On premises server ready for email archive migration software

Transvault has pioneered the migration market space and has produced a benchmark whereby all migration companies are measured.

Dennis Wild Product Manager Hewlett Packard

Why Transvault SourceOne migrations are unbeatable

  • We support migrations from SourceOne to the largest number of destinations, including Microsoft 365 or on-prem archives like Enterprise Vault. 
  • Our gathering process is seamless. This is because a user filter list is not mandatory, which is beneficial given the way SourceOne records the format of its recipient addresses. 
  • Transvault is the only solution that works without the requirement to hold your data in intermediate storage, as we move the data in real time. This not only reduces costs, improves data security and removes any delays to the migration. 
  • SourceOne often archives different email variations for a single person which can add complexity. Transvault overcomes this using our Mailbox Manager to provide a straightforward interface. This helps you organize and map these to your target mailboxes effectively. 

More reasons why we’re the leading vendor for SourceOne migrations

Direct & API

Transvault is able to provide both Direct and API retrieval capabilities for SourceOne migrations. Our state-of-the-art direct connector for both SourceOne and EmailXtender data extractions ensures you get unbeatable speed and optimum migration performance. 

Chain of Custody

As with all Transvault migrations, we capture a complete Chain-of-Custody by migrating your data in one step, with data integrity checks, audit reports and remediation services. 

Journal Support

We also offer Journal support with our SourceOne migrations. And of course, if your destination is Microsoft 365, you can leverage the features of our famous Compliance Time Machine.

Stub Management

Our solution is second to none when it comes to stub management. By scanning and capturing metadata, such as flags and categories during the migration process, this allows for proper organization of the migrated data. The stub is then used as a point of reference to ensure no disruption to the user’s original setup, post-migration.

SourceOne Migration Tips

With SourceOne end-of-life in December 2024, it’s important to get your migration project rolling. We’ve put together some tips and recommendations to help you plan and deliver a successful SourceOne migration.

Speak to the experts

Find out how much data you need to migrate

This is usually the first stumbling block organizations face when planning their SourceOne migration. There’s no need to panic though, Transvault have various SQL scripts that we can run to size your migration, whether it’s users, journals or even both.

Work with an email archive migration specialist

Work with the experts you can trust with your data. Our specialist Partners and our Services team have extensive SourceOne experience and can offer a full migration service.

Carefully plan your migration

By asking the right questions, you can plan your migration effectively. Here are just a few to get you started: 

  • What SourceOne storage are you using (e.g. is it EMC Centera)? 
  • Is this a Lotus Notes or Exchange migration? Regardless Transvault can convert Notes format to Exchange with full fidelity. 
  • Is this a user migration? Remember you need to consider stub management to ensure your users have a seamless experience post-migration. 
  • Does your SourceOne move include a Journal migration?  If you’re migrating to Microsoft 365, it doesn’t have an orthodox journal mailbox. Transvault’s Compliance Time Machine offers unique capabilities to ensure your journal is migrated with zero-risk, full compliance and is available for eDiscovery. 

Transvault – Let’s Move Together

When it comes to EMC SourceOne don’t delay. With end of life imminent, start a conversation with Transvault. We’ll ensure your archive is migrated in an efficient, compliant and refreshingly simple way.

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