Transvault To Utilise Microsoft Azure For Archive Migration Service To Microsoft Office 365

Transvault Sprint Delivers First Reliable “Drag and Drop” Archive Migration Service to Office 365

Clevedon, United Kingdom – (March 22, 2016) – Transvault, the leading developer of archive migration solutions, today announced another new innovative archive migration service with the launch of Transvault Sprint for Microsoft Azure.  This is the first ever to-Cloud, in-Cloud archive migration solution for Azure. With this, businesses are now able to simplify the task of migrating an archive with a streamlined “drag and drop” process in the Cloud – via Transvault’s trusted and advanced service.

“Transvault has been a time honoured pioneer of continuous technological advancements in the archive migration space, since it created the market in 2006”, explained Barney Haye, chief executive officer at Transvault. “Putting Transvault Sprint into the Cloud was a logical next step for us – and Microsoft Azure, located in the most expedient networking proximity to Office 365, quickly became the Cloud of choice.” 

Microsoft Office 365 offers businesses a comprehensive, all inclusive – which some refer to as “one-stop-shop” – email compliance service.  Making the move to Office 365 enables businesses to consider the decommissioning of on premises hardware and software associated with email archives. Once the decision to move has been taken, the requirement to migrate vast quantities of legacy email data accurately, reliably, in a cost-effective manner is top of mind for customers and partners.  Working with Transvault Sprint, certified partners have a service offering that their customers can depend on, while maintaining the entire project in the Cloud or running a hybrid project with local servers too, if that is their choice.

Continued Haye, ”For some time, the most efficient way to migrate businesses’ on premises data to the Cloud was to place migration servers on the customer’s site, which can be a capital investment that introduces delays for starting a pilot project for moving data. With Transvault’s Sprint service in Microsoft Azure – this costly investment is no longer necessary and customers can get started faster with their migration to the Cloud, driven from the Cloud. By combining the power of Transvault Sprint and Microsoft Azure, our common ecosystem partners can quickly initiate a project, with confidence in the migration, and without the costly burden of having to stand up hardware on their own site in advance.”

Transvault Sprint, an email archive migration solution designed to eliminate the cost and complexity associated with enterprize-level data migration projects, ensures each email item migrated is fully audited.  Transvault Sprint in Azure now supports Veritas (formerly Symantec) Enterprize Vault and allows certified Transvault partners to upload a snapshot of their customers archive data, then swiftly and seamlessly migrate it to Microsoft Office 365.

“Transvault Sprint is a welcome addition to the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Many organizations looking to use Office 365 are encountering legacy data migration as a barrier to unlocking its full benefit. By putting a sophisticated archive migration solution like this on to virtual machines that can be accessed on-demand, Transvault can offer Microsoft customers an extremely efficient and flexible way of ingesting legacy data to Office 365,” commented Dominic Anschutz, Senior Partner Business Evangelist, Microsoft Corp.

Microsoft Exchange Online, as part of the Office 365 suite, features a cloud-based, enterprize-class archiving solution that helps to solve archiving, compliance, regulatory, and eDiscovery challenges. Hosted on Microsoft’s globally redundant servers, with IT-level phone support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Exchange Online Archiving is compatible with Exchange Server 2010 and 2013. It’s also available as an add-on service for Office 365.

For more information on Transvault solutions for Microsoft Office 365 and Azure visit their on-demand webinar on Microsoft Infopedia: Webinar.

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Since 2007 Transvault has led the market with its highly specialized email archive migration solutions for the enterprize.  When businesses encounter technological change brought on by a merger or acquisition, a planned shift to the Cloud, or the obsolescence of their archive or storage solution—they turn to Transvault to preserve accessibility to their business records.  Over 1,100 customers from around the world have relied on the Transvault architecture to protect the integrity of their valuable legacy data whilst ensuring chain-of-custody, faultless eDiscovery and seamless user accessibility—no matter the complexity of the migration, nor the archive platform. Transvault solutions are available through an accredited international network of partners with dedicated Migration Specialists certified on Transvault solutions. Transvault continues to achieve year-over-year growth and has become the preferred archive migration solution for global customers in all verticals, especially those with a heavy dependency on data sanctity and regulatory practices.

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