Globanet & Transvault Win Huge Archive Migration Project

Los Angeles, CA – June 01, 2015 – Globanet, a leading developer and reseller of data migration, archiving, compliance and eDiscovery solutions worldwide, announced today that the company partnered with Transvault to secure significant international business with one of the largest banks in South America.

Globanet and Transvault have been collaborating on enterprise-level email archive migration projects since 2011. This relationship accelerated in 2014 when Globanet became Transvault’s top revenue producer in North America. Their relationship is now truly international and the South American bank becomes their largest migration opportunity together so far in terms of customer terabytes contracted. The project constitutes migrating hundreds of terabytes of legacy data from HP IAP RISS to a newly selected archive that better meets the bank’s evolving requirements.

“Transvault is delighted to announce the South American migration project ‘win’ with our partner Globanet – 2014 North American Partner of the Year. This is a superb result and, given the complexity of the legacy HP source archive, Transvault is most pleased that it’s in the expert hands of top partner Globanet, who are well versed in project delivery of this scope and challenge”, commented Transvault Channel Sales Director, Richard Marshall.

Commented Sevag Ajemian, Globanet President and CEO, “This opportunity with the South American bank not only underlines the strength of the Transvault / Globanet partnership, it also demonstrates the global scope of the relationship. We are very excited to continue our partnership with Transvault in delivering outstanding value to global clients and meet the challenges and risks inherent to any data migration.”

With the ever-changing compliance requirements of financial institutions and other industries, Globanet has always been and remains the trusted vendor of choice for archive migrations with petabytes of migrations successfully completed and secured.

About Globanet

Globanet is a leading developer and reseller of email and information migration, archiving and eDiscovery solutions. Founded in 1996, the company is a pioneer in archive migration and intelligent information governance. Globanet’s portfolio of proprietary enterprise software includes Globanet Merge1, a multi-source IM and social media message capture platform, and Globanet Migrate, a leading data migration tool. Globanet also provides a broad range of professional services including system configuration and installation, email archive migrations and eDiscovery consulting. Globanet is a multi-level certified partner of leading archive providers including Symantec and Microsoft.

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