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eDiscovery for PST files

TransVault PST Insight delivers unrivaled content-level analysis of PST files – wherever they are located and even when they are in use, significantly reducing the time and cost involved in eDiscovery.

PST files are pretty much a black box and cannot easily be searched by organizations whilst they are on users’ hard disks or being accessed by end users.

However when it comes to the discovery of evidence, the expense of eDiscovery is now superseded in the eyes of the law by the importance of eDiscovery in resolving the issues at stake.

This means organizations should be prepared to include the content of PST files in the material that is relevant to the claims and defenses in a case.


eDiscovery & Early Case Assessment (ECA)

With TransVault PST Insight you can perform targeted PST search and collection data for eDiscovery and early case assessment (ECA) purposes.

For example you can:

  • Find all emails sent between identified personnel
  • Locate all copies of emails sent and received between a certain date range with a given subject
  • Find all emails with specified attributes or with specified text strings appearing in the subject or body
  • Identify and optionally remove duplicate emails
Without PST Insight’s ability to scan within the PSTs, we would have needed to pull back 10 times the volume of email data, significantly increasing the data capture time and delaying eDiscovery. It goes without saying, by minimizing what needed to be moved, we also avoided an adverse performance hit on our network.

Move selected data where you want 

Having located the relevant data you can take a variety of actions including:

  • Move selected items into a specified location for further analysis (e.g. into a third-party archive with an eDiscovery application or into separate PSTs for external review)
  • Move them into Office 365 mailboxes where they can be kept on legal hold and discovered along with live and archived emails
  • Move results into Microsoft’s Office 365 Early Case Assessment solution (Equivio).

Throughout the process of eDiscovery and litigation hold, TransVault PST Insight has the ability to collect data whilst users work normally with PSTs – a mechanism that prevents accidental, panic-led or deliberate spoliation of email records that are stored in PST files.

All data collected is transmitted securely and your policies for data collection can be tracked through to completion so you can ensure and prove that due-diligence has been carried out.

Importantly, with TransVault PST Insight you can reduce the costs involved in the eDiscovery process by intelligently culling the amount of data you collect and preserve.

You benefit when you work with TransVault™

  • Certified by Microsoft™
  • Unparalleled scalability
  • Content level control
  • Manage and migrate content in line with policies
  • Fully compliant – complete chain-of-custody
  • Advanced control
  • Runs on-prem or in Azure
  • Proven in over 2,000 enterprise migrations

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