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AXS-One to Enterprise Vault migration

TransVault is the leading AXS-One to EV migration solution.

It uses the fastest, most efficient mechanisms to move the contents of OpenText AXS-One archives directly into Enterprise Vault.

TransVault’s transactional transfers and full auditing of every item moved ensure optimum security and chain-of-custody for your data.

You can also move archived journals from AXS-One into Enterprise Vault journal archives, with all vital metadata fully preserved.

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Fast, One-step Migrations

The movement of data is automated via a high-performance engine, that connects directly from your AXS-One source archive into the target platform.  There’s no interim hops or interim file formats that add time, complexity and risk to your move.

Minimize What you Move

TransVault offers advanced selection criteria to determine what data gets migrated – minimizing your migration times, yet enabling you to defensibly omit data from your move.


TransVault tracks the latest folder locations, forwarded shortcuts and deleted shortcuts, to make sure there’s no surprises for your end users ‘post migration’.

Meet Compliance Needs

In addition to being a single, end-to-end data transfer (preserving chain-of-custody), each and every item migrated is fully audited, enabling you to meet business and compliance needs relating to secure email records retention.


TransVault delivers the most proven AXS-One to Enterprise Vault solution and can satisfy the most demanding technical, compliance and business needs, including Notes to Exchange conversion.

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You benefit when you work with TransVault™

  • Certified by Microsoft™
  • Unparalelled scalability
  • Seamless-to-user results
  • Supports Notes to Exchange conversions
  • Fully compliant – complete chain-of-custody
  • Advanced control
  • Drag & drop simplicity
  • Proven in over 2,000 enterprise migrations

Ready to move to Enterprise Vault?

Let the migration experts help make your move

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