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Migrating from Autonomy to Enterprise Vault

If you have an existing investment in an Autonomy email archiving platform, you need assurance that a move to Symantec's Enterprise Vault will not compromise the integrity of your data from a compliance perspective, or the accessibility of your data for your end users.

TransVault Migrator is the premier email archive migration solution designed to cope with the most demanding and complex migration needs when switching to Symantec Enterprise Vault.

Proven in over 600 migration projects, it features connectors that have been developed from the ground up by Autonomy archive experts to link directly with:

  • Autonomy ZANTAZ EAS,
  • Autonomy NearPoint (formerly Mimosa), and
  • Autonomy Message Manager (formerly CAMM)

We can also export out of Digital Safe and other Autonomy platform connectors are due out shortly.

TransVault Migrator moves Autonomy archive content direct into Symantec Enterprise Vault using a fully STEP-approved API, with capabilities that include:

  • 100% archive analysis prior to migration
  • Mailbox & Public folder migrations
  • Mapping of retention policies
  • Reconstruction of envelope information in Journal archives
    (e.g. BCC’d recipients, expanded distribution lists)
  • Selective migrations to multiple vaults
  • Shortcut conversion with users online
  • Synchronization of deleted & re-foldered shortcuts
  • 99% migration with legacy archive still running
  • Multi-threaded, high performance
  • 1-step transfers & detailed audits to meet chain-of-custody needs
  • Over 65 delivery partners global, including Symantec services