NXP – Short Circuit to the Cloud

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Innovative semi-conductor manufacturer moves 40TB of legacy email archives as it switches its core IT systems into Office 365

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A global semiconductor company, NXP develops and manufactures innovative chip solutions. These innovations are used in a wide range of automotive, identification, wireless infrastructure, lighting, industrial, mobile, consumer and computing applications.


In 2012 the company embarked on an initiative to switch its core IT systems into Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud service.


In making its move to the cloud, it was vital for NXP to ensure that its staff would still have access to their legacy email archives, not just the emails on their primary Exchange servers.


It was also vital that this data could be moved without compromising its integrity and without an adverse impact on end users or the network.


NXP chose to work with communications and enterprise content experts, Software Connection B.V. Software Connection has a track-record of delivering archive migrations powered by Transvault Migrator, the enterprise archive migration tool.


Transvault Migrator, from Transvault Software, is an application that enables fast and secure movement of legacy email records between many different archive platforms.


Explained Dirk Jan Schwietert, Managing Director at Software Connection:


“Migration into the cloud is a balancing act. Although the ideal is to complete the migration in the fastest possible time, this is not usually possible due to inbuilt throttling when ingesting data into the cloud. Put simply, if the Office 365 service opened up a high-speed channel for us to squirt archived data into, this could mean that the service provided to end users suffers as a result.”



To ensure optimum performance and manageability, the experts at Software Connection devised a migration that was batched up into approximately 1TB chunks.


They further configured Transvault Migrator so that processing was shared amongst multiple servers working in parallel to balance the loading on Office 365.


The combination of Software Connection and Transvault Migrator ensured a successful migration for NXP. IBM was responsible for the overall integration and migration of the Veritas Enterprise Vault data using the Transvault Migrator.


Concluded Schwietert:


“Migration is not simply a case of moving date between two locations. Apart from the complexity of handling shortcuts and coping with Office 365 bandwidth issues, we had to address a series of challenges. The flexibility and error checking provided by TransVault Migrator enables us to take a secure and controlled migration path.”

About Transvault Migrator

Transvault Migrator has become the de facto way to quickly and securely move email archives from one environment to another. With support for virtually all commonly used proprietary archive platforms, Transvault maintains chain of-custody throughout, ensuring compliance. It also preserves transparent access to end users post-migration.

About Software Connection

Software Connection is a Unified Communications specialist for medium and large sized organisations. Almost 20 years ago it started supporting, advising and managing email infrastructures for its customers. Nowadays the company acknowledges that security is not only important for e-mail but increasingly for internet and mobile solutions. Together with its partners Software Connection offers solutions for the ICT infrastructure of it clients, to improve their security, mobility and availability. These solutions make organisations more flexible, efficient, safe and productive.