Transvault Takes Out The Trash to Give Further Message Fidelity Improvements for Enterprise Vault Migrations

Posted by Tim Cardinal on Mar 18, 2020 Last updated Jan 12, 2021

Trash can image

Do you want to pay to move things you don’t need or want? Do you want your users to have unexpected messages in their inbox after migration? Neither do we! Take Out The Trash before you migrate.

Wikipedia defines “A dumpster (as) a type of movable waste container designed to be brought and taken away by a special collection vehicle” – in the context of this post, the dumpster in question belongs to Veritas Enterprise Vault email archiving systems.

“The dumpster serves as a recycle bin in which Enterprise Vault retains deleted items for a specified period before it permanently deletes them (Veritas Support).” This is analogous to the Recoverable Items Folder (RIF) feature found in Microsoft Exchange or Exchange Online (Office 365), but is for archived items instead of user mailbox data. One difference is that the user does not have access to their EV dumpster, with messages only accessible by the EV administrator and they remain in scope for a migration by default. Items found in the dumpster are permanently removed from EV after 14 days, although some Veritas customer may have chosen to customise that retention period, so there is potential for that volume of potentially irrelevant data to be much higher.

Two weeks’ worth of deleted archived email may not sound like much to worry about, but it could be much greater and Transvault is always looking for ways to maximise performance and the end-user experience of a migration process, and we leave no stone unturned in support of IT and Legal teams’ expected outcomes. Users could delete a lot of archived items in any trash retention period and previously, all items in a user’s archive were migrated irrespective of whether they were in the dumpster or not. So having those items miraculously reappear after a migration is an unnecessary frustration for the user, as well as an unexpected and embarrassing side effect of the migration process for EV administrators and Legal teams overseeing the project.

Now, Transvault has introduced an option in its Migrator and OnBoard products to offer customers the choice of whether to migrate EV dumpster data or not. After all, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Enterprises, and in this case specifically those migrating away from Enterprise Vault, can be confident that a Transvault migration includes exactly what they’d expect to be migrated, nothing more, nothing less! It’s just one further way that Transvault prioritises the highest quality, predictable and successful outcomes in migration projects for Partners and customers.