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“Our users have confidence to fully engage with Office 365 and we have seen a significant improvement in collaboration and efficiency in getting things done”

Managing Director, Engineering and Construction Group 

Buying digital tools, such as Office 365, can unlock hidden value in your organization through greater productivity and collaboration. However, without the right approach to enable your users to properly use these tools, you may end up wasting money again and again.

  • 50% of digital productivity tools are wasted  ​

  • 75% of training fails to create lasting change

    Source: McKinsey, Forbes and 1E

We have a better way​!

TransVault InFlight Enablement in association with the Nulia Works Platform guides end users to attain and maintain their digital skills, enabling your organisation to maximise your Office 365 investment 

Nulia users vs no Nulia users

Engineering & Construction Group – June 2019

  • 889% more sent Team messages
  • ​519% more team calls​
  • 773% more shared files​

International Engineering Services Corporation – April vs June 2019

  • 175% increase in active Teams users​
  • 300% increase in Teams usage​
  • 20% increase in Sharepoint usage

Maximise your potential

Measure and understand real usage and engagement​

Build user confidence and drive change that lasts​

Increase collaboration and engagement

Reduce travel to remote offices​

Decrease the reliance on email for communication​

Users stay current and maintain their skills​

We’ve increased the usage of Teams & other Office 365 collaboration tools – The expected savings in travel time & cost will far outweigh the cost of the platform”

Managing Director, IT Solutions Company

Office 365 looks great, but where do I start? The Nulia Works Platform gives me the self-confidence and motivation to get me doing and keep doing

End User, Engineering & Construction Group

“We can now use the full suite of Office 365 tools, thus giving us an greater return on investment”

Group IT Director, International Engineering Services Corporation

TransVault InFlight Enablement

TransVault InFlight Enablement includes three components that integrate the process of onboarding users, provide insights into usage of Office 365 and enable the delivery of skill development to maximise your return on investment for Office 365.

  • Automated Workflow steps during the Office 365 onboarding process enable user communication, learning license assignment and customisable enrolment to accelerate their Office 365 skill development.
  • Detailed reporting and dashboards enable you to gain valuable insight about your Office 365 adoption and utilisation. 
  • We’ve integrated the Nulia Works Platform, providing a seamless transition for Office 365 users to continuously improve their skills and knowledge, helping them master the applications and making them more productive.

Nulia Works Platform

  • Seamlessly integrates into the workday without disruption
  • Develops skills by doing not passively learning​
  • Personalised skills and outcomes
  • Provides support and encouragement to makes enablement fun, exciting and personally rewarding
  • Assess individual and team’s progress and outcomes
  • Across job functions​ and departments

How much does the Nulia Works Platform cost?

The platform costs £2 / $2 per user per month* – to put it another way that’s just 10 cents per user per day to improve your employees’ digital skills and  improve your Office 365 return on investment.

Automated Workflows

When TransVault is supporting your migration to Office 365, our TransVault OnBoard platform creates automated alerts to ensure all stakeholders have visibility of the onboarding process and can be automatically enrolled into the Nulia Works Platform**.

Office 365 Reporting 

Use with our free Office 365 reporting to get a complete picture of how your users are engaging with Office 365.

*Minimum 12-month contract
**TransVault OnBoard is an additional charge based on the size of your migration project​

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