Transvault Gives Commvault Users Options for Email Records Storage & Governance

Latest release of Transvault Migrator enables Commvault enterprises to leverage Microsoft and other cloud platforms for retaining and managing their corporate email.

<Clevedon, UK, 12th Feb 2019>  Transvault has today announced Transvault Migrator V10.012, which includes direct support for Commvault’s email archive.

Lower storage costs in the cloud and/or lack of confidence in an incumbent vendor have become the top catalysts driving organizations to switch platforms over recent years .  The challenge facing organizations is that archive vendors make it easy to ingest data, but not so easy to extract it when the client wants to move on.

For over a decade, Transvault has helped organizations to quickly and securely extricate their legacy email records when they want to move on to a new platform.   The latest archive vendor platform to be added to Transvault’s extensive ‘escape’ list is Commvault’s on-premises email archiving solution.

With options for migrating Commvault user, leaver and journal (compliance) archives into a range of on-premises and cloud-based destinations, including Microsoft Office 365, Azure and Google, enterprises can avoid vendor lock-in and leverage newer, more attractive options for storing their different data types.

According to Darwin Lee, CTO, “When it comes to data storage, lower costs and failover are not the only attractions of the cloud. Solutions like Office 365 are offering strong data governance and increasingly powerful eDiscovery capabilities. By moving their email records in the right way, and by that I mean preserving compliance metadata and ensuring chain-of-custody as they move, we can ensure enterprises get all the benefits of the cloud without compromising their compliance position. Enterprises can also release the costs and overheads of maintaining expensive on-premises archives.”

For more information on Transvault for Commvault database migrations, or to find out more on the many other source and destination systems supported, contact