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Beyond the Mailbox: Legacy Archives and the Complete Migration to Office 365

WindowsITPro Webinar featuring Nick Cavalancia and TransVault Chief Technology Officer Darwin Lee

When migrating to Office 365, your first thought is, of course, mailboxes. But organizations making a complete move to Office 365 also need to plan on what to do with their on-premises legacy archive, which can more than 4 times the size of ‘live’ mailbox volumes.

While the migration of mailboxes might be relatively straightforward, the migration from a legacy archive platform into Office 365 is not quite as simple. With compliance concerns, multiple data sources, data integrity issues and more, how do you ensure a successful archive migration?

In this webinar, join industry expert Nick Cavalancia to learn about key challenges including:

  • Compliance Pitfalls – Could your move to Office 365 make you non-compliant?
  • Scheduling the Move – Best strategies for ensuring minimal user disruption
  • Coping with Volume – XXL mailboxes, giant public folders, huge journals and years’ worth of data
Duration: 101 Minutes
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