Beyond the Mailbox: Legacy Archives and the Complete Migration to Office 365

Webinar for Windows ITPro featuring Nick Cavalancia, Contributing Editor and Transvault CTO, Darwin Lee

In this webinar we explore the importance of including your email archive in any migration to Microsoft Office 365. Darwin and Nick will discuss how to deliver a complete migration, whilst ensuring users and your IT team remain productive. Darwin also explains, from his experience, the importance of data fidelity, chain-of-custody and eDiscovery capability, highlighting that data compliance is a requirement for every business to focus on during their migration.

The following topics will be covered:

  1. The challenges of getting everything you need into Office 365
  2. Avoiding Compliance Pitfalls – Critical for some, relevant for everyone
  3. Minimising user disruption
  4. Dealing with copious amounts of data
  5. Ensuring your data migration is complete
  6. How Transvault can help your journey to Office 365
  7. Journal migrations
  8. PST migrations
  9. Importance of data chain-of-custody