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Transvault is the go-to team for email archive migrations, with more experience than any other vendor. We’ve delivered over 330 successful migration projects in the Legal & Insurance sector.

With over 16 years of continual development, our market-leading software is secure, robust, adaptable and scalable to any organization’s needs.

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Successful Legal & Insurance sector email archive migrations

Many businesses make the move to the Cloud for compliance reasons. With various legislative or information governance requirements to retain email archive data, ensuring its integrity and visibility is key to remaining compliant. Retaining this data in on-premises servers with third-party software, makes keeping up with legislation a continual challenge.

So how can you take on the challenge? By migrating your email archives to Microsoft 365.

Transvault prides itself on helping both legal and insurance companies migrate their email archives to platforms like Microsoft 365 to help them meet their compliance demands. With full chain-of-custody, data integrity checks, audit reports and remediation services to meet the most stringent legislation relating to email records handling, you can trust in Transvault for your migration needs.

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Key benefits

Why Transvault is the best choice for Legal & Insurance organizations

  1. Legally defensible migration

    Transvault’s full and demonstrable chain-of-custody provides data integrity checks, audit reports and remediation services that meets the most stringent legislation relating to email records handling.

  2. Journal support

    Transvault delivers the best fit solution for ensuring fault-free migration, ongoing governance and eDiscovery of your journals within the Microsoft 365 compliance framework.

  3. Unrivalled performance

    Our expert algorithms and intelligent throttling guarantee unbeatable ingestion speeds with minimal impact on your network. Extractions from virtually any archive source with the most efficient ingestion into Microsoft’s cloud to reach unbeatable migration speeds in excess of 6.5TBs a day.

  4. Reduce the impact on your business

    Seamless processing and advanced shortcut handling vastly improve end user satisfaction and business continuity.

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We worked with a Global Law firm with 31 offices across North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, delivering a successful complete upgrade of the  firm’s company-wide email archiving solution.

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