City & Guilds – Mimecast to Office 365 Migration

"From a business perspective it is vital that we make the move as pain-free as possible for our staff and that no emails go missing."

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Recognising the complexity of moving emails between the two, effectively incompatible clouds, the City & Guilds Group was recommended to email migration experts, Essential Computing, by Microsoft.

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Following a successful rollout of conferencing and shared workspace services delivered via Microsoft Office 365, leading global skills development organization, the City& Guilds Group is to transfer its email services into the cloud.

In addition to migrating live user mailboxes the move will involve transferring over 8 Terabytes of emails currently stored in the Mimecast cloud.

The Mimecast service had previously been used in a bid to take the strain off the organization’s on-premises Exchange servers and add resilience.

“From a business perspective it is vital that we make the move as pain-free as possible for our staff and that no emails go missing. Additionally, by re-housing all our legacy and ongoing email records in one solution, the City & Guilds Group stands to benefit from significantly reduced support overheads and operational costs.”

Explained Director of IT at the City & Guilds Group, Ian Turfrey

Get ready to go cloud-hopping

Powered by industry-leading migration software, Transvault Migrator, the archive migration service offered by Essential includes the ability to move and convert email records stored in separate user mailboxes, as well as compliance journal repositories, into the new Microsoft 365 compliance model. It also enables the contents of a journal mailbox to be migrated back into individual users’ mailboxes.

Find out more about our migrations for the education sector or read about our Mimecast email archive migration service.

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Essential is regarded as one of the world’s foremost experts on electronic messaging, email archiving & collaboration technologies.

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As well as developing our own products, we are a reseller, training and support centre for a select range of best-of-breed authors. We are also one of Microsoft UK’s longest running accredited Gold Partner, and an EMC, Oracle and IBM business partner.

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Importantly, our inclusive approach to services, training and ongoing support means your own IT staff or chosen service provider is empowered to work with the solution, reducing your project costs and increasing productivity.

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