The New Transvault: The Best Win is a Win for Everyone

Posted by Barney Haye on Aug 24, 2018

You may have read recently that we’ve acquired a new technology platform. The internal code name for that acquisition was Transvault v10, but really it should have been Transvault 2.0…Why?


If we take a look back for a second, the business we have today originally grew out of a customer RFP some 12 years ago that required an email archive to be ported from Notes to Exchange format.  No such archive migration capability was available at that time and it therefore presented itself as an exciting software design challenge for a services delivery company in the South West of England – even though it was one that was already an accomplished supplier of email archiving systems.

The successful completion of that project in 2007, and the founding of Transvault Software, could be said to have spawned an entire market for supporting corporate archive system changes.  The ‘genome-mapping’ of over 1,000 different proprietary-format combinations of data encoding led to 2,000 projects migrating many millions of employees’ email archives, in turn enabling organizations with the most efficient and effective archive for their needs and generating over 100 million dollars of revenue for the IT industry.

Former members of our team went on to drive Transvault partners’ businesses, create competitive firms and products and spread some of our standards for ‘how to do it right’.  Certified migration engineers still cite their Transvault skills as they move between different service company employers. It’s a mark of quality.

The original methodology we created for our partners was designed to complement the software we produced, and enable any-to-any transformations in a safe, repeatable and, above all, legally defensible fashion – even when the archive had known (or unknown) customisation or data corruption and needed remediation.


With most of the more unusual and ‘exotic’ archiving systems (some of them truly terrible to own) now mostly behind us, the focus has in recent years turned to supporting moves from the most successful on-premises system, Enterprize Vault, to the most successful cloud system, Microsoft Office 365.  These mature products offer a stream of lower-risk repeatable projects – the perfect opportunity to drive down costs, but also to increase the risks of poor quality with the sales mantra of “it’s a numbers game now”. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”.

The conundrum of how to tackle such a competitive field while ensuring a repeatable high-quality outcome at a market-leading cost was solved this year by the technology we have acquired. Cloudficient, the originators of the platform, designed and developed a workflow technology that could not only ensure exact repeatability when processing batches of archives but also drive the other various on-boarding processes that customers must navigate on the way to enabling their Cloud adoption – end-user communications, account creation and switching, mailbox moves, storage to OneDrive, Skype for Business accounts, and myriad of other third-party operations.

That fact that the platform was designed from the outset to work with Transvault’s market-leading Migrator product, was founded in the Cloud with the most modern software architecture and code, and came with a suite of customer-facing management tools all made Cloudficient the most exciting innovation for Transvault to acquire.  Interestingly, its founders also had a journey from the start of email archiving in the late 90’s. They had a great understanding of how to serve customers well and had been through the founding and early growth of their own startup archive migrations company and products.


It was obvious to us that putting together the two companies’ technologies offered the absolute best of breed solutions for organizations to successfully complete their migration to the Cloud and to ensure they are highly productive once there.  What’s even more exciting, is that when placed into the hands of more than 100 Transvault partners worldwide, together we have the potential to globally transform the quality of the journey to Office 365 and ongoing usage for everyone’s benefit. In Microsoft’s own parlance, their mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. We just took another step to making that happen more quickly and easily.

So Transvault 2.0 then, is a win-win for everyone.

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