8 Cloud Migration Challenges Solved

What’s stopping you moving to the cloud?

Posted by Liam Neate on Mar 25, 2021 Last updated Mar 04, 2024


Cloud Migration Challenges: Reasons enterprise businesses aren’t migrating to the Cloud

Don’t know how to migrate

That’s ok – you’re not alone. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event for many companies and requires skills and experience that many people don’t have.​

How Transvault make it refreshingly simple:

Fortunately for you, we do and it’s what we’ve been doing for over 15 years.

Your options include:

It’s too expensive

Consider the cost of not migrating:

  • Will you fall behind your competitors in business agility?
  • Will any remote workers have better productivity and job satisfaction working for someone else?
  • Will you continue to be reliant on legacy equipment and the risk / cost of maintaining them?
  • Are you reliant on on-premises software (note that Microsoft 365 platforms have functionality in some cases months or years in advance of their on-premises equivalents)?

How Transvault make it refreshingly simple:

There are many ways to get the benefits of Cloud Office and it can cost less than you think – and the risk is even lower if you use our fixed price service to complete your migration. The value we’ve seen customers gain from migrating far outweighs their investment in the long term performance of their company.

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I can’t trust the security

Microsoft 365 security infrastructure is ever growing, with functions that monitor and alert across your entire data and network. The capability and scale their service provides makes it almost impossible for you to replicate your security to this level on your own.

How Transvault make it refreshingly simple:

Transvault ensures your move to Microsoft 365 is secure, through encrypted data transfer and using our software that has been independently penetration tested and certified by Microsoft themselves.

Disruption to business & users

A migration could risk some disruption to your business and users, but that’s only if the project is managed incorrectly.

How Transvault make it refreshingly simple:

We strongly recommend that you utilize one of our specialist Partners to manage your cloud migration.

Over the years, we’ve experienced all sizes and types of business and their user requirements. While every business is unique, there will most likely be a high match to a migration we’ve experienced before and we can tailor to your needs. We understand the importance of limiting end-user and organizational impact, communicating progress and plans clearly.

Our migrations maintain the high fidelity of your original email, using our unique processing capabilities to ensure your users’ transition is seamless. Moving to your Cloud Office unlocks significant business benefits, including productivity enhancements for your users.

Current environment too fragile

We’ve seen environments where “leave it alone” might be the right answer, but that’s a very rare occasion. If it’s really that fragile, it is likely to be considered a business risk for your all-important communication (and therefore eDiscovery) data, so it’s better to deal with this now rather than later.

How Transvault make it refreshingly simple:

Combining our software and experience, we have successfully completed many projects where the customer environment is considered fragile or even broken. We’ve even migrated from an Enterprise Vault environment where the software wasn’t running at all.

Our migrations are so successful because we spend the time to fully understand you environment before migrating, as this helps us managed your expectations and allows us to commit to a clear agreed outcome for your migration project.

Finally, if doing nothing really is the right answer, we’ll tell you so!

Poor eDiscovery following a Microsoft 365 Migration

Microsoft’s innovation pace is exceptional and their Advanced eDiscovery has continually improved with support for multi-geo environments, GCC Government Clouds and scriptable graph APIs to enable eDiscovery automation, amongst many more developments made over recent years.

How Transvault make it refreshingly simple:

If you feel like the Microsoft eDiscovery tool is not for you, we can still support you by moving your compliance journal to a location and format which is supported by your preferred tool of choice.

Too many PST files

The data within PST files presents a hidden and often misunderstood risk. Like that old school photo, there’s a terrible shock coming your way when it surfaces. Only in this case, it won’t just be embarrassment – there are legal and compliance ramifications from that email someone kept that contained PII and you thought you’d cleared from the server.

Potential violations include:

How Transvault make it refreshingly simple:

Transvault’s PST Insight is a proven solution to discover, manage and migrate ALL of your PST data so that this issue is removed and ties to your on-premises environment are removed.

Not my priority right now

If the timing is right for you to migrate to the Cloud, there are options to help you manage it alongside your other priorities. Many of the projects we’re involved with are part of wider digital transformation programs, so we are used to dealing with other streams of work in collaboration.

How Transvault make it refreshingly simple:

Our fully managed service can help to take much of the effort and risk away from you. As we can work out a transition pace that aligns with other key events in your business.

Finally, we’re very proud to state that over the course of 2500+ projects, we haven’t yet found a migration where Transvault couldn’t provide a solution.

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