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Since building the world’s first email archive migration tool, we’ve delivered over 300 successful projects for the Technology and Telecommunications sector.
Secure, robust, adaptable and extensible – our technology has been the driving force behind some of the world’s most challenging migrations.

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Successful Technology & Telecommunications sector email archive migrations

The power of Cloud technology to enhance collaboration and communication, drive digital transformation and improve employee productivity is clear.

The very nature of Technology and Telecommunications companies means you often have disparate teams. This means you need the tools you use to collaborate to become the beating heart of your business. Microsoft 365 is a powerful platform and one that when used to its full potential, can dramatically improve communication and collaboration.

However, if you’re not already using Microsoft 365, migrating your critical communication workloads such as your email archives can seem a daunting task. This is where Transvault comes in. Our experience in delivering successful migrations to our Technology & Telecommunications customers is second to none.

We pride ourselves on delivering secure, compliant, efficient migrations for the very largest global organisations in the sector. We do this so they can quickly demonstrate the ROI of their migration and get their users productive on their new cloud platforms.

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Key Benefits

Why Transvault is the best choice for Technology & Telecommunications organisations

  1. Migration performance & scalability

    Available as an on-premises or Cloud-based application (64-bit server technology), Transvault Migrator has a multi-server, multi-location architecture that maximises throughput, minimises wait times and easily delivers enterprise grade scalability.

  2. Secure & audited migrations

    We move legacy data in one step, eliminating the need for interim storage that can risk data loss and tampering. This approach also streamlines the process for a faster and more cost-effective migration.

  3. Extensive experience

    No migration is ever straightforward, particularly for complex technology businesses. Our extensive experience, flexible and realistic approach means we’ve seen and resolved many potential issues before, enabling us to deliver smooth and successful migrations for our clients.

  4. Seamless user experience

    Advanced shortcut handling and status preservation ensure email archives remain seamlessly accessible to user’s post-migration.

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