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About the Role

Transvault is in an exciting phase where we are about to embark on the next generation of products for our market leading cloud migration business. It is a fresh start for our engineering team, having brought our heritage product suite engineering in-house. The mission is to adopt the latest technologies and engineering practice for our new products and use this experience to improve the cost of delivery on our heritage products.

Reporting to the engineering manager, you will have plenty of engagement with our CxO team and be a crucial part of the team which takes on the next stage of our migration journey. In return, we’re looking for someone who can help us to turn ideas into working cloud-based solutions. The role is for a hands-on engineer, who is also able to communicate ideas with other developers internally, and also our technical partners, to bring our innovative products to life.

We need to be able to bring products to market quickly, and you will need to use rapid development techniques and approaches to delivery. This will be mainly in Azure cloud to begin with, but to also be able to understand how to travel light and keep the pace of development up as we change and pivot with requirements. You will understand the need to use the tools at your disposal to produce complex solutions without making them complicated, and you will need to be able to talk about how you do this, and preferably to do that talking with working examples.

More than just a developer, you will be able to realise fully functional solutions on Azure, and be familiar with the toolsets and latest practice around how to deploy and manage solutions at scale. You’ll also understand how to interpret and produce just enough solution architecture and ensure that we are delivering solutions in line with the expectations of our product team.

You’ll be comfortable explaining and challenging, but mainly, we’re looking for someone who is excited by producing point solutions with quick turnarounds. There is plenty of opportunity to progress, which is why you will be happy to play to your strengths and comfortable asking for the help you need to get to the solution that is right for everyone involved.

We realise that some people favour front end work, some people love improving build pipelines, and others get excited by producing great APIs and exploring new paradigms for communication between solutions. We will ensure you get the help and resource you need to take our products where they need to go.

We want to see and hear about what you’ve done, how you went about it, and how you think your skills will bring the change we need to take our next steps into a bright future.

Primary Responsibilities and Accountabilities

The Lead Software Engineer should lead our software engineering efforts, by example, and through their ability to communicate to inspire and empower others in the team. To do this, you’ll need to be comfortable with the following:

Make it easy to understand our solutions:

  • Above working software, produce just enough architecture to explain solutions
  • Ensure that we are able to fully own and understand our solutions
  • Ensure that engineering consumes and updates our architecture assets

Lead the team in day-to-day software delivery:

  • Empower your colleagues to deliver value frequently
  • Connect your stakeholders with key decisions

Turn ideas into solutions:

  • Convert requirements into efficient and effective software design
  • Challenge to ensure the right changes are proposed
  • Attempt to learn more about the markets we serve

Collaborate with the engineering team to set delivery commitments:

  • Regularly deliver commitments to agreed timelines
  • Be an active participant in development delivery ceremonies (standups, etc.)
  • High levels of communication to maintain delivery momentum


  • Rapidly prove (or disprove) new concepts by building minimum viable products
  • Explore the art of the possible, and champion new techniques and technologies
  • Overcome engineering challenges and productionise successful ideas

Understand who uses our solutions:

  • Be passionate about the best User eXperience (UX)
  • Create the most appropriate User Interface (UI) for the functional delivery
  • Consider accessibility needs

Champion Quality:

  • Ensure that testing is done at the first opportunity and pass that along
  • Produce the most appropriate automation to maintain quality in builds
  • Constantly challenge the status quo and seek time and cost improvements

Provide DevOps leadership:

  • Make our solutions operable in the cloud or wherever they are deployed
  • Ensure operability from developer desktop through to production
  • Champion technology which makes our products easier to support in production

Outputs & Deliverables

The key outputs expected from this role include, but are not limited to:

  • Full-Stack software solutions
  • Testing solutions/suites
  • Build pipelines/platforms
  • Product improvement ideas / input to product roadmaps
  • Product documentation / Release documentation
  • Input to training literature
  • General contribution to wider team initiatives

Qualities & Values

It is expected that the Senior Developer will have the following qualities:

  • Proven leader of software engineering teams
  • Creator of code which explains how it works to a reasonably skilled engineer
  • Motivated to produce high quality products
  • Committed to deliver target outcomes
  • Team player and team leader
  • Finds enjoyment and fulfilment in their work
  • Organised, structured and flexible as the situation demands
  • Able to manage people directly and indirectly
  • Able to work effectively with a globally distributed team
  • Able to design and follow process, but remain outcome focussed
  • Self-motivated with good time-management and self-scheduling based on priorities
  • Excellent communication skills – both internally and with partners / suppliers
  • Ability to understand and manage complex technical products / projects
  • Professional and courteous
  • Imaginative and creative to combat technical and operational issues
  • Comfortable acting as a subject matter expert (SME) internally

Skills & Experience

The successful candidate must have these skills and experience, with a strong bias towards Microsoft technology, so .Net, C#, SQL Server, feature heavily in the mix:

  • Software engineering technical leadership
  • Strong software development experience in relevant languages and tools
  • Strong experience of integrating cloud based solutions with third party solutions
  • Strong experience in producing solutions in MS Azure with configuration as code
  • Proven delivery on time and to high quality across multiple software products
  • Strong understanding of database, and appropriate design for data storage
  • A basic understanding of Microsoft 365 and associated products / APIs
  • A sound grasp of agile principles and how to work in an agile way
  • A basic understanding of email transport and structure
  • A basic understanding of email archives

We would expect the skills above to be demonstrable, as this is a hands on role.

The successful candidate will ideally have some of these, although learning on the job is an option for the right person:

  • Experience of NoSQL / Document databases, and search engines
  • Understanding of AI/ML technology and its applications

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