Health & Pharmaceuticals Data Migrations

Transvault combine the best tools with the best people to migrate mission-critical workloads quickly, securely and seamlessly for the Health & Pharmaceutical sector.

We’re proud to have delivered over 180 successful migrations for the Health & Pharmaceutical sector. Our technology has been the driving force behind some of the world’s most complex and challenging email archive migrations within the sector all over the world.

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Successful Health & Pharmaceuticals sector email archive migrations

With the need to securely retain healthcare data, maintain patient confidentiality and lower healthcare costs, moving your email archives to cloud services such as Microsoft 365 has never been so important. Choosing the right technology partner is key to delivering a successful migration.

We combine world-class technology with unrivalled expertise and experience to ensure we migrate your mission-critical workloads quickly, securely and seamlessly. We pride ourselves on delivering user focused migrations to reduce the impact on your clinical practitioners. We also streamline the process so you can quickly reduce your legacy infrastructure costs and see tangible ROI.

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Key benefits

Why Transvault is the best choice for Health & Pharmaceuticals organizations

  1. Flexibility for complex migrations

    Transvault is unrivalled in its range of options and high degree of flexibility for coping with even the most complex migration requirements for Health & Pharmaceuticals.

  2. Legally watertight

    Any investigation or eDiscovery carried out against migrated emails will seek to validate that the data has been handled correctly and that nothing was missed out or manipulated. With Transvault you’ll get a chain-of-custody report for each item moved to ensure full data integrity.

  3. User focused migrations

    A seamless migration process allows you to prioritize the migration of key departments and practitioners according to their needs, ensuring minimal impact on employees’ access to their emails during the migration.

  4. Journal migration

    Transvault offers a range of Microsoft 365 journaling solutions for handling the future of your journals and journal archives.

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