PSTs and the GDPR

Transvault CTO, Darwin Lee, and Pre-Sales Technical Engineer, Perry Hiltz, talk through the risk that badly managed PST files can pose for the organization.

In this webinar we explore our view of the problems PSTs could create in relation to GDPR and the risk this could pose to your business. We explore the risk that personal data could be contained within PST files and how Transvault can help you effectively manage and migrate these files. Although we specifically reference GDPR within this webinar, the risk posed by PSTs must be considered in the context of any data privacy legislation.

The following topics will be covered:

  1. Pillars of GDPR and how they are relevant to PSTs
  2. PSTs often fly under the data management radar creating a data risk
  3. Do you know where your PSTs are and what is inside them?
  4. PST Challenges
  5. Why PST eradication often fails
  6. PST control tips
  7. Leveraging Microsoft for GDPR
  8. How Transvault’s PST Insight software can help you manage and migrate your PSTs