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Transvault PST Insight combines world-class technology with unrivalled expertise, experience and integrity to migrate your PSTs securely and seamlessly. It gives business and IT managers the power to find PSTs across the enterprise, understand what’s in them and manage their contents in line with business, compliance and operational needs.

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Without PST Insight’s ability to scan within the PSTs, we would have needed to pull back 10 times the volume of email data, significantly increasing the data capture time and delaying eDiscovery. It goes without saying, by minimizing what needed to be moved, we also avoided an adverse performance hit on our network.

Scott Hyman Senior Consultant at Integro

Key benefits

Why Transvault PST Insight is a good choice

  1. Swiftly remove the latent data privacy risk

    Locate and address dangerous, hidden data littered across the enterprise

  2. Eliminate PST overheads

    Eradicate management and storage waste for legacy data

  3. Improve eDiscovery

    Improve information governance, reducing the time and complexity in eDiscovery scenarios

  4. Industry leading, outcome focused support

    Helps improve project responsiveness and migration success

  5. Legally defensible migrations

    Full chain-of-custody capabilities ensure that your data is constantly safe during processing

  6. Excellent end user experience

    Seamless processing, vastly improving end user satisfaction and business continuity

How PST Insight works

Migration is a process,
never a problem.

Transvault PST Insight addresses the many challenges of handling large PST estates. It delivers powerful analysis, item-level capture, de-duplication and migration, together with advanced automation and monitoring. All delivered as a convenient, secure and highly scalable on-premises or Cloud-based service.

Our PST migration tool:

  • Provides visibility of the actual contents of your PST files. Defined data can be targeted by enabling selective content management policies, for example:
  • Direct API integration to migrate directly from PST to Microsoft 365 – there are no interim stages or risks of interference with you data
  • Provides a dashboard that allows you to monitor how well your PST management policies are progressing over time

Monitors every aspect of your PST management activity, with real-time data movement tracking and detailed reports to give you peace of mind your PSTs are getting under control.


Key features

Changing the view of PST migrations

Visibility of PSTs

Whether on file servers, local disks, office-based PCs or mobile devices, Transvault PST Insight gives you a detailed view of your enterprise PST content with the ability to drill into areas of interest:

  • Which items are older than your organization’s retention policy?
  • Is there business data, such as spreadsheets, that should be secured?
  • Is there evidence relevant to an eDiscovery exercise out there?

The ‘Top results’, graphs and management reports help determine what action, if any, to take.

Manage & Migrate

Following analysis, you can use PST Insight to enforce policies to manage and migrate your data in line with business, operational and compliance needs and filter according to many criteria including; age, size, owner, sender, message class, attachments.

Example policies and commands include:

  • Copy contents less than 3 months old into Primary Mailboxes
  • Delete contents older than 7 years from the PST file without moving it
  • Move other content to In-Place Archives
  • Replace any legacy shortcuts in PSTs
  • Copy selected contents to a given location (e.g. for Early Case Assessment)

PST Insight lets you manage PSTs files using a range of commands which can be deployed as one-off actions or enforced as ongoing policies, these include:

  • Maintain a central backup copy
  • Delete specified items (e.g. emails older than 5 years)
  • Flag all newly created content

At all times PST Insight keeps track of activity, providing progress updates and reports to demonstrate policy enforcement.

Seamless user experience

A further challenge when tackling PST projects is that of locked files. For example:  If a user has their PST file open in Outlook, access by other agents is blocked. Transvault PST Insight is designed to be able to scan locked PST files and collect copies of emails without stopping end users from working.

Managing Complexity

Tricky issues such as determining ownership and opening password-protected PSTs are automatically taken care of.  Also, if legacy email archive management has led to shortcuts in PSTs, PST Insight gives you the option to delete them or replace them with the full item before migration.  PST Insight can also detect duplicate PSTs, avoiding multiple copies of the same item being migrated and saving lots of time, processing, storage expense, and end-user confusion.

Tech Specs

Read more on our PST migration service.


  • On-premises or Cloud based solution
  • Scalable multi-tier architecture
  • Support for PST files from Outlook 97 onwards
  • In-built connectivity with Transvault Migrator for exceptional migration performance to Microsoft 365


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Transvault PST Insight combines world-class technology with unrivalled expertise, experience and integrity to migrate your PSTs securely and seamlessly.

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