World-beating Office 365 Ingestion Speeds

Posted by Liam Neate on May 14, 2015 Last updated Jan 07, 2022

Get ready for world-beating Office 365 ingestion technology, Transvault™ CloudStream – delivering ultimate speed AND integrity as you transition legacy emails to the cloud.

When an enterprise makes a decision to switch their email service to the cloud, chances are they have a considerable amount of data stored either in third-party email archives or PST files – all of which will have to be migrated. This makes cloud upload speeds a critical factor for many customers when they come to select a migration solution.  

As you may know, there’s a range of techniques you can use to optimize upload performance into Office 365.

Transvault has a huge amount of experience in this area and its new CloudStream service integrates the very latest ingestion technologies with our own sophisticated algorithms to exploit the technology to the greatest effect.

Such techniques include traffic flow analysis to limit the effect of throttling, and transactional processing techniques to offer high-speed end-to-end transfers, direct from on-premises archives into Office 365.

CloudStream has been built into both Transvault Migrator and Transvault Sprint and we’re getting rave reviews.

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