Introducing Transvault-as-a-Service

New TaaS Initiative Reduces Costs, Timelines & Risks of Onboarding Legacy Data to Microsoft Office 365

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29th September 2016 – Microsoft Ignite, Atlanta, GA – Transvault, the leading developer of email archive migration solutions, today announced Transvault-as-a-Service (aka TaaS), a Cloud-based, on-demand architecture and professional services taskforce designed to help its Partner community satisfy demand for the most competitive migration services.

Delivered via Microsoft Azure, TaaS enables Transvault certified Partners to get on-tap migration infrastructure and professional services that keep them competitive, agile and ultimately reduce onboarding costs for customers.

Barney Haye, chief executive officer at Transvault commented, “For the past year, we’ve been working side-by-side with Microsoft to ensure we deliver an optimal archive migration experience for any Partner that wants to help reduce costs, while maximizing all the benefits of the Azure Cloud. Transvault-as-as-Service takes this to the next level. Not only will our Partners be able to migrate their customer archives using our Azure-based solutions, they will now be able to lean on our professional services to fill any gaps or competitive issues the migration may present.”

Moving an archive requires an experienced partner and a greater depth of knowledge than a traditional mailbox migration – particularly when you are dealing with legacy email that may have a governance or compliance remit to maintain. Transvault Partners are encountering clients that just want to move their data without consideration for the complexity of the migration and need for optimal professional services.

Upon learning about Transvault’s TaaS offering, Globanet vice president of sales, marketing and business development, Sam Elbeck, said, “Globanet is excited to offer migration services in the Cloud, coupling the best archive migration solution, Transvault, with the best cloud infrastructure, Microsoft Azure. With Globanet’s 15 years’ experience in migrations and Transvault’s award winning migration solution we are jointly offering the market a unique archive migration experience. Lower cost, no onsite infrastructure and the fastest and most accurate migration on the market.

Indeed, a number of Transvault Partners are now engaged in a TaaS Advisory Council and are eagerly anticipating their first projects with the new initiative.

President of Paradise Canyon, Randy Martin, commented, “Paradise Canyon is pleased and excited to be a valued partner in the new TaaS program from Transvault. This class of solution represents the next major evolution in how email archive migration projects are delivered to customers. We’re delighted to be able to offer our customers an accelerated migration solution and timeline to completion with all the benefits of a hosted migration service as quickly as possible. As customer data is progressing more and more to the Cloud, the services to get there are similarly being pushed to operate from the Cloud to the Cloud. Transvault is a leader in data migration and the TaaS program continues to demonstrate how Transvault maintains its leadership position as an innovator for data and archive migration solutions.”

The TaaS Advisory Council is a global initiative, encompassing a wide range of Transvault’s wide network of certified partners.

In the UK, Michael Frisby, managing director of Vuzion, said, “As a fairly recent addition to Transvault’s Partner ecosystem, we’re honoured to be included in the TaaS initiative at this early stage. Vuzion is already very adept at delivering complimentary Cloud and professional services, so having trusted archive migration technology that can now be delivered as a hosted service only strengthens our position with those looking to migrate to the Cloud. We look forward to great future success using TaaS.”

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About Globanet

Globanet is a leading developer and reseller of email and information migration, archiving and eDiscovery solutions. Founded in 1996, the company is a pioneer in archive migration and intelligent information governance. Globanet’s portfolio of proprietary enterprise software includes Globanet Merge1, a multi-source IM and social media message capture platform. Globanet also provides a broad range of professional services including system configuration and installation, email archive migrations and eDiscovery consulting. Globanet is a multi-level certified partner of leading archive providers including Symantec and Microsoft

About Paradise Canyon

Paradise Canyon brings over 20 years of sales and engineering expertise to the market. With an earned reputation at the enterprise level for quality Project Management, Paradise Canyon is renowned for successful project scoping, management, and delivery execution. The team at Paradise Canyon is ready to listen to your needs, help you formulate or tune a strategy, and with our technical expertise make project execution seamless and successful.

About Vuzion

Vuzion is a modern, value-add Cloud Aggregator and Microsoft CSP Indirect Partner. Vuzion’s mission is to help and enable IT Resellers, Systems Integrators and ISVs to build a long term future-proof and profitable Cloud based business by supporting the development of managed service offerings and professional services to help customers get the most from the Cloud.

Vuzion, founded in 2016, is born out of Cobweb Solutions, the UK’s #1 provider of Hosted Exchange, and leverages Cobweb’s 20 years of delivery experience across a wide range of Cloud services from partners which include Acronis, BitTitan, IBM, Microsoft, Mimecast and Symantec. Vuzion provides partners with not only a complete Cloud service delivery platform and a smart ecosystem of Cloud, managed and professional services from 100s of partners, but also a range of business success services to help them grow a profitable Cloud based business.

Vuzion prides itself on innovation through technology all backed up by UK support and advice, 24*7. Based in London with an operations centre on the south coast, Vuzion is a British company with a global outlook.