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Move your email archives to Mimecast

Whether you plan to use Mimecast to enhance your on-premise Exchange service or as part of a migration to Office 365, protecting your existing mailbox archives - and journal archives - is vital.

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TransVault helps make the switch to Mimecast archiving services as transparent as possible for your email users.

Your data can be moved selectively and targeted according to a range of criteria to minimize migration times.

Customers considering a hybrid Office 365/Mimecast environment, could, for example, migrate data older than a give age or data belonging to leavers into Mimecast, and move only ‘younger data’ or archives belonging to ‘current staff’ into Office 365.

Additionally, organizations concerned about compliance and business record integrity will benefit from TransVault’s automated tracking and auditing, which reduces the costs and significant risk of data loss and lack of auditing associated with manually driven extractions.

So, when you move your data to Mimecast, TransVault Migrator gives you vital proof of what has been handed across.

We will also enable you to preserve your archived journal content to ensure it is fully discoverable in years to come.

If you want to move data out of Mimecast at some point in the future, TransVault can also help.

Why would I need TransVault Migrator to move to Mimecast?

  • You want a full audit-trail for your data transfers.
  • You want to avoid the time and inconvenience involved with manual extractions.
  • You need to clean up legacy shortcuts in users’ mailboxes.
  • You want to be selective in what you migrate (e.g. only data less than 5 years old, or exclude personal data).
  • You need to ensure everything is moved efficiently, securely and is fully audited

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