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Automate and Accelerate Your Data Move

By moving with the world’s leading email archive migration solution, you can be assured of the fastest transfer times and most comprehensive capability to cope with virtually any site-specific complexity or unique requirements.

Zero Downtime.

Ensure end users maintain uninterrupted and seamless access to email records as you make your move. 

Migrate with Confidence

With TransVault you can move email records in accordance with corporate retention policies and be assured that everything is moved with full chain-of-custody and integrity.
TransVault has pioneered the migration market space and has produced a benchmark whereby all migration companies are measured.

Email Archives

Move content from an existing on-prem archive service.

Email Journals

Move compliance data between platforms with full integrity, chain-of-confidence and confidence.

PST Contents

Analyze and move content from PST files.

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Move On Prem
If you have existing server bandwidth and your migration is within the same location or domain, then a fully on-prem approach, with the option of local or remote control, may be the way to go. You’ll be advised on the optimum pre-requisites for your move.
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Move In Azure Copy
In the Cloud
TransVault’s Azure-based service means there’s no hardware to set up in advance, with the added benefits of built-in resilience, load balancing and distribution for geographically distributed locations. It’s also ideal if you’re moving to the cloud.
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DDIY email archive migration
Do it Yourself
Our self-service approach with minimal assistance is designed to empower your own IT team to oversee a migration.
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Full Service
Get a complete end-to-end service that includes expert advice on best practices, archive-specific expertise, trouble-shooting and comprehensive reporting.
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