The Nulia Works Platform

Maximise your Microsoft Office 365 investment

Enhance your company’s Office 365 adoption strategy

Buying digital tools, such as Microsoft 365, can unlock hidden value in your organisation through greater productivity and collaboration. However, without the right approach to Office 365 implementation, you won’t enable your users to properly use these tools. You may end up wasting money again and again.​ A new approach to Microsoft Office 365 training is crucial to adoption success.

  • 50% of digital productivity tools are wasted  ​
  • 75% of training fails to create lasting change

Source: McKinsey, Forbes and 1E

We have a better way​!        

The Nulia Works Platform guides end users to attain and maintain their digital skills, enabling your organisation to maximise your Microsoft Office 365 investment through adoption.

Nulia Works revolutionising Office 365 training

Our users have confidence to fully engage with Office 365 and we have seen a significant improvement in collaboration and efficiency in getting things done.

Managing Director Engineering and Construction Group


Why Nulia Works is a good choice

  1. Measure and understand real Microsoft Office 365 usage and engagement

  2. Build Microsoft Office 365 user confidence and drive change that lasts

  3. Increase Microsoft 365 collaboration and engagement

  4. Decrease the reliance on email for communication

  5. Users stay current and maintain their skills

How Nulia software works

It’s all about getting users using Microsoft Office 365

Powered by AI and machine learning, Nulia Works unlocks the value of Microsoft Office 365. With personalised digital skills development in the natural flow of work, Nulia Works meets organisations where they are, with what they need.

Using Microsoft Office 365 to create the world that works for your organisation. Nulia Works is the first of its kind Digital Enablement solution that is platform-based and supports a continuous system of measurement, personalisation, and engagement to drive digital skills development and usage. It is a revolutionary take on Microsoft Office 365 training.

It guides users with data-driven insights and measures success by doing in the natural flow of work, enabling users to continuously attain, maintain, and use digital productivity skills. By applying machine learning and artificial intelligence, Nulia Works personalises skills development and meets organisations where they are, with what they need.

Users earn industry-recognized badges that are based on verified usage of digital skills that can be shared across professional networks, such as LinkedIn. This empowers users to be confident in their new digital skills and enables organisations to know that they have a workforce with the Office 365 skills they need.

Key features

Changing the view on Microsoft Office 365 enablement

Measure & Evaluate

Nulia Works captures each user’s unique needs and continuously measures progress against goals. It is  all about getting & keeping people using digital technologies in a way that works for them.

Personalise & Guide

Works targets engagement in each user’s natural flow of work, guiding them with data intelligence to attain & maintain new digital productivity skills by doing

Engage & Reward

Nulia Works provides always-on 24/7 support and engagement that makes skills development fun, exciting, and personally rewarding with industry-recognized badges.

Microsoft 365 Digital Enablement Case Study

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We can now use the full suite of Office 365 tools, thus giving us an greater return on investment

Group IT Director International Engineering Services Corporation

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