Preserving Vital Journal Envelope Data

"To meet data retention and eDiscovery needs, it was vital that the move was 100% reliable and that chain-of-custody would be maintained along with accompanying reports."

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Protecting the Health of Your Email Records is Vital to Future eDiscovery Needs

Liberty Healthcare
EMC EmailXtender
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High-quality health care service providers, Liberty Health, had been using EMC EmailXtender since 2007 to meet their email compliance needs. Their encumbent archive platform, however, was rapidly approaching end of life, This meant a speedy and secure move to a suitable replacement.


Liberty Health decided to implement CommVault Simpana as their new archive. The most attractive feature was that both email archiving and general data backup services resided in one seamlessly integrated platform, which made the most sense for their organization.


In order to make the transition from their legacy EmailXtender archive to CommVault, Liberty Health chose to work with long-standing Transvault partner, US-Amplify. As well as having a wealth of expertise in migrating email archives, US-Amplify was a trusted CommVault partner.


Liberty Health needed to migrated 2.6 Terabytes of archived email journal data to their new Simpana archive.


To meet their data retention and eDiscovery needs, it was vital that the move was 100% reliable and that chain-of-custody would be maintained along with accompanying reports.


Transvault’s migration auditing functionality provided an explanation of the path of each message during the migration, complete from the source archive to the destination archive. The report also detailed whether or not the message was invalid, corrupt, or inaccessible.


According to Joseph Whitmore, practice manager at US-Amplify,

Every page of the report is valuable to an organization, This is why, at the end of the project, we create a portfolio combining all the reports for our clients and review them as a part of our project completion process. This ensures that our customers are fully equipped in the event they need to produce documents for litigation purposes.

By the end of the project, US-Amplify was able to migrate virtually 100% of the company’s data with less than 1% of messages failing. According to Microsoft best practices, US-Amplify performed email owner reconciliation by way of LDAP directory lookups and 1:1 email mapping from source to destination. This ensured the migrated messages had the correct content.


Explained Whitmore,

Transvault Migrator allowed us to properly migrate the journal data with the envelope information (Sender, Recipient, CC, BCC, Attachments etc.) intact. Preserving this data is vital for any future eDiscovery exercise an organization may encounter, as without it you don’t have an accurate picture of who received what emails.

The nature of Liberty Health’s work demanded that its staff could keep working with their email archives as normal during the migration. US-Amplify was able to help the Liberty Health team in this respect by building in flexibility to the project timelines, meaning no additional strain on Liberty’s staff.


The migration timelines were also short, with the US-Amplify migration team able to achieve exceptional migration rates of 40 to 50 messages per second throughout the migration process. The migration process was very fast and went smoothly, without any challenges for either party.

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