Transvault Urges Customers With Regulatory Mandate to Sprint to Microsoft Office 365

As Microsoft bolsters its service to make Office 365 a one-stop-shop for Information Governance and eDiscovery, Transvault Leads the Market in onboarding compliance archives.

Chicago, IL – Microsoft Ignite – (May 4, 2014) – Transvault, the leading developer of email archive migration solutions, today announced its strategic commitment to assist Microsoft customers with a more expedient migration to Office 365, to help them take advantage of Microsoft’s new Office 365 Information Governance and eDiscovery services. Transvault’s sophisticated archive migration capability means that Enterprise customers with the need for regulatory compliance, can now safely and expertly move their email archives into Microsoft Office 365, further eliminating the costs, time and risk associated with maintaining and searching separate repositories.

“Microsoft has been investing steadily to build out its compliance capabilities for the last few years and has taken the work done for on-premises Exchange and extended it into Office 365. Advanced policy-driven compliance is available for Exchange Online and SharePoint Online and a new Compliance Center provides a cross-service focus. I expect further developments and acquisitions to continue to build out the compliance features in Office 365. Companies using Office 365 should seek to maximize their use of the inbuilt capabilities before they look outside”, said Tony Redmond, author of “Office 365 for Exchange Professionals” and Exchange MVP.

Organizations with a compliance remit have a duty of care to protect the integrity, completeness and accessibility of electronic records over what could be decades.  Migrating this data is a huge undertaking in volume alone, given that enterprises can have amassed 100s of Terabytes in legacy archives.

“Although we’ve migrated many of the world’s largest enterprises to the cloud, those operating in highly-regulated verticals, to date, have erred on the side of caution by choosing to maintain their compliance data on-premise or in a costly separate service that gives them advanced eDiscovery capabilities.  With Microsoft’s new services aimed at an improved compliance capability, if migrated correctly, and I emphasize the “if” – organizations can realize significant cost and time advantages by making Office 365 the single place for information governance and eDiscovery”,  commented Barney Haye, CEO at Transvault.

As well as offering high speed transfers from virtually all third-party enterprise archives and PSTs, by using Transvault for their migration, IT departments can easily select the compliance factors requested by their legal team and outside regulators. These include defensible policy-based extractions, detailed chain-of-custody audits, protection of email already on legal hold and in-flight integrity checks, guaranteeing any data moved is discoverable in the new environment.  Vital historic data including correspondence from staff no longer with the company and a record of all past recipients included in evolving distribution lists and hidden Bcc fields can also be reconstructed to leverage the new Microsoft Office 365 compliance model.

“Our global and social economy forces businesses to be highly scalable and forward thinking in their communications and as collaborative platforms continue to evolve to be the very backbone of most of our day-to-day communications – compliance, litigation support and accurate historical reporting will be at the forefront. Using a solution that can dissect the past and populate it for greater visibility in the future is mandatory and Transvault is a tenured company that remains ahead of the curve on legacy archive migration and exploration”, concluded Haye.

For more information on Transvault and how they can help you Sprint to the Cloud please visit their website or visit their booth 552 at the Microsoft Ignite conference. Be one of the first 100 visitors to their booth, and take their Archive ID survey for a free copy of, Office 365 for Exchange Professionals, written by Tony Redmond, Paul Cunningham and Michael Van Horenbeeck, a just released and much anticipated e-Book for serious Microsoft Exchange Professionals.

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