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Microsoft 365 Migration & Onboarding Software

Transvault OnBoard is a Cloud-based integrated workflow designer and execution product which orchestrates and automates the entire migration process of user mailboxes, files and email archives to Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 migration solutions

We hit the timelines, we got the data out, we never had to go back and say, ‘Oh man, we messed up, we need to reimport some data’. Everything is there, everything is smooth, the business has been operating in Office 365 for a while now and there are no issues.

Gene Glekel VP of Technology at Cresa

Key benefits

Why Transvault OnBoard is the best choice

  1. Secure, robust, adaptable and extensible software

    Leveraging over 16 years of continual development and innovation

  2. Industry leading, outcome focused support

    Helps improve project responsiveness and migration success

  3. Legally defensible migrations

    Full chain-of-custody capabilities ensure that your data is constantly safe during processing

  4. Excellent end user experience

    Seamless processing, vastly improving end user satisfaction and business continuity

  5. Integrated learning management assignment

    Automatically assign learning targets to each user as they migrate

  6. Access to free Microsoft 365 reporting

    Assess adoption progress and user behaviours through access to over 300 free reports

How OnBoard works

Migration is a process,
never a problem.

Transvault OnBoard is a powerful SaaS product that streamlines and governs the most challenging of migrations to Microsoft 365. Working with our Partners, you’ll be able to design and automate the optimal Microsoft 365 migration experience for your user mailboxes, files and email archives:

  • Drag-and-drop workflow builder to design your migration
  • Migrate multiple workloads, including user mailboxes, files and email archives
  • Direct, one-step migration for email archives – no interim storage requirements or security risks from temporary data storage
  • Set pre & post migration actions including user and stakeholder customisable notifications
  • Easily create migration group sizes from a single user to a whole department or division
  • Use real-time dashboards, scheduled reports and alerts to automate and simplify your migration and communication
  • Orchestrated and automated user mailbox, file and archive migration – reducing user impact and migration effort


Key features

Changing the view of Microsoft 365 migrations

Migration Performance Management

  • Run multiple migrations in parallel across multiple locations, teams and departments
  • Set different migration policies and actions for different parts of the enterprise
  • Send customised notifications to end users
  • Deliver timely progress updates to stakeholders
  • Dashboard for “at a glance” migration status
  • Direct support for third-party email archives
  • Migrate leavers, public folders, journals and PSTs

Advanced workflows

Using OnBoard’s workflow builder you can easily design and visualise a bespoke migration for your enterprise. Our Microsoft 365 onboarding tools allows you to make changes as you discuss them, mapping out interdependencies, defining triggers and actions. This ensures you have a fully approved migration before you commit to its full implementation.

For example:

  1. Start by sending the user a migration notification email
  2. Assign their Office 365 user license, set litigation hold, adjust maximum message size, etc
  3. Migrate their primary mailbox
  4. Migrate their email archive
  5. Migrate their home drive to OneDrive
  6. Send users a Microsoft 365 welcome
  7. Trigger onboarding steps such as training

Migration Governance

By using OnBoard you can further prove due diligence of your data governance and compliance, with capabilities that include:

  • Direct, end-to-end migrations with no interim formats or staging areas that could create a risk of data tampering
  • Immediate setting of legal hold and retention periods as users are migrated
  • Migrating leavers data and recycling Microsoft licenses according to Microsoft best practice
  • Sending precise, timely migration status updates
  • Creating detailed audits and reports, giving peace of mind that everything has been successfully migrated to Microsoft 365.


Tech specs

Supported platforms

Please contact Transvault for full information on versions and data types supported for each platform


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