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Migrating Critical Healthcare Content

Migrating Critical Healthcare Content Quickly and Transparently from EAS to Enterprise Vault Using TransVault Migrator

An explosion of email content, the need to securely retain healthcare data for up to 30 years, maintain patient confidentiality, and lower healthcare costs are all on the agenda at Universitair Ziekenhuis (UZ) Brussel.

The Belgian university hospital was struggling to effectively archive Exchange email content using the incumbent Autonomy Enterprise Archive Solution (now a Capax product)— primarily owing to issues concerning support.

A switch to Enterprise Vault™ made all the difference: a comprehensive, best-in-class solution that enables the healthcare provider to manage risk across the information and messaging life cycle, lower the total cost of ownership, and overcome the challenges of ensuring the security and availability of its messaging systems and confidential patient information.

The Enterprise Vault deployment and migration from Zantaz EAS to Enterprise Vault was masterminded and undertaken by the Veritas Platinum Partner Neoria.

The migration of 650 users took place overnight (UZ Brussel has a total of 4,000 mailboxes) using the TransVault Migrator for Enterprise Vault solution.

Care for more than 400,000 patients annually

UZ Brussel’s has a powerful mission statement: “Your care is our care”. This 729-bed Belgian hospital admits more than 25,000 patients annually and treats 400,000 outpatients. Care is the watchword of the university hospital.

The same motto could be applied to the relationship with Veritas. UZ Brussel views Veritas as a thought leader in storage management: a best-in-class vendor who cares about UZ Brussel’s data. Specifically, an integrated Veritas content archiving solution is helping UZ Brussel to store and manage Exchange 2010 email information across the organization.

This ultimately prevents the loss of healthcare data without impacting clinical workflows, lowers costs, and ensures UZ Brussel meets national and European Union compliance needs, as well as privacy law requirements.

Why Veritas?

  • Recognized as a leader in email and enterprise information archiving for 9 consecutive years
  • Proven platform used by over 38 million users worldwide, in more than 25,000 companies of all sizes
  • Trusted thought leader

Solutions at a Glance:

Key Challenges:
  • Securely archive email content, including confidential patient data
  • Transparently migrate 4000 mailboxes to Enterprise Vault
  • Lower cost of managing email
  • Take control of email growth

Veritas Products:
  • Veritas Enterprise Vault™ 10
  • TransVault Migrator for Enterprise Vault

Veritas Partner:

Technology Environment:

  • End users: 4000
  • Storage: NetApp
  • Data: 500GB migrated

Business Value and Technical Benefits:

  • Migrated 650 mailboxes (out of 4,000 users) from EAS to Enterprise Vault, quickly, transparently, and securely
  • Completed migration overnight, ensuring accurate audit of healthcare data transfer and solid chain-of-custody
  • Lowered storage, software, and maintenance costs
  • Automated mailbox management, freeing users from size restrictions
  • Optimized storage consumption to minimize costs
  • Eliminated need for personal storage files

Autonomy solution outclassed

It didn’t used to be this way. UZ Brussel originally deployed the Autonomy Enterprise Archive Solution (formerly ZANTAZ EAS).

However, a series of complex takeovers—Zantaz was acquired by Autonomy, who in turn were acquired by HP in 2011—meant that the quality of support for the technology was not what it should have been. Eric Pattyn, infrastructure manager, at UZ Brussel picks up the story. “It was a bumpy ride. The support for the archive exchange mailboxes was not very responsive. The partner we were working with disappeared during one of the mergers. And we always had the sense that Zantaz was more appropriate for very large deployments, not a relatively small deployment like our hospital environment.”

Pattyn and his team turned to Veritas. “Without effective messaging management, the hospital could potentially be vulnerable to financial and litigation risks as well as public relations damage. Veritas Enterprise Vault™ gives the hospital a comprehensive message management platform—one that mitigates these risks as well as reducing storage and administrative costs.

“We chose Enterprise Vault because it is battle-proven, flexible, and offers a wealth of integrated functionality, including fast search, discovery, and deduplication,” says Pattyn.

Once the choice was made, the next step was to migrate 650 mailboxes—their 500 gigabytes of email and attachments—from the existing Zantaz EAS platform across to Enterprise Vault, quickly, transparently, and securely. Here the team selected TransVault Migrator for Enterprise Vault. The solution automates the migration process with a high performance, multi-threaded engine, creating a direct pipeline between Zantaz and Enterprise Vault.

UZ Brussel worked with the Belgian Veritas Platinum Partner Neoria, which is part of the Uptime Group. Neoria is also a Symantec Specialist Partner in Archiving and eDiscovery.

“We had complete confidence and trust in Neoria’s ability to deliver this Symantec archiving solution. Their Platinum and Specialist Partner status proves they have the skills, knowledge, and experience to complete the migration quickly, transparently, and with the minimal degree of risk” says Pattyn.

Migrated transparently and securely in one day

Working with Neoria and using TransVault Migrator for Enterprise Vault, UZ Brussel was able to migrate the 650 mailboxes overnight to Enterprise Vault in one step (UZ Brussel has a total of 4,000 mailboxes). There was zero impact on the users. Crucially, the solution also provided a complete audit of each individual item migrated; crucial in the healthcare environment.

“The migration from Zantaz to Enterprise Vault using TransVault could not have been simpler,” says Pattyn. “The efficient one-step transfer also ensures UZ Brussel has an accurate audit of the healthcare data transfer and a rock-solid chain-of-custody. We chose Enterprise Vault because it is battle-proven, flexible, and offers a wealth of integrated functionality, including fast search, discovery, and deduplication.”

Enterprise Vault has transformed the hospital’s approach to content archiving. Some 1.8 terabytes of email is archived to a NetApp environment. A 30 percent compression rate also results in a saving of 2.8 terabytes compared to storing the Exchange data in the online store. Deduplication is not applied owing to the use of this NetApp compression feature, although eDiscovery may be added in the future to accelerate the search process.

The Veritas solution is saving UZ Brussel money too. First, the Enterprise Vault licenses were considerably less expensive than the Zantaz ones. Second, administration has been streamlined: Pattyn estimates that one member of his team devoted up to two hours per day dealing with escalated Zantaz issues.

Enterprise Vault has eliminated this intervention—considerably reducing the cost associated with content archiving. Third, as more mailboxes are archived from Exchange to Enterprise Vault, the hospital will be able to reduce the size of its exchange server farm—again lowering costs.

About Neoria

Neoria has a dynamic, motivated & highly skilled team with about 35+ consultants. Leading to a combined technical experience and knowledge of about 18 years.

Our mission

  • To be your GPS in the world of ICT infrastructure & trends
  • The Big Picture: to align ICT architectures with business needs
  • Specific: to design & align core ICT infrastructure layers for optimal data transport, storage, management, protection, and disaster recovery
  • Architect & constructor of optimized ICT infrastructures for ultimate utilization of our customers’ data capital
  • To be the innovative engine in ICT infrastructures & technologies
  • To position & integrate architectures based on innovative technologies.

About TransVault

TransVault Software is an independent software vendor dedicated to helping organizations protect the viability and integrity of their information archives as they move between different platforms and technologies.

Our products build on over 23 years’ experience with high-end corporate messaging systems and 12 years of implementing and supporting enterprise archiving solutions.  This has resulted in a product suite able to address the unique and often very site-specific challenges that can arise during migration.

To date TransVault is behind over 1,200 migration projects, including some of the largest in the world.

Our proven track record and status as a Microsoft Gold Partner, Veritas, IBM and HP partner means you can rely on TransVault to ensure that your email records remain a discoverable asset as your IT strategies and infrastructures change.

TransVault products are available exclusively through a specialized international network of partners that offer a range of bespoke migration services for their customers.


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