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Have you ever bought something cheap and then regretted it? In 2010, Office Depot released a TV ad which really resonated with us. It was the story of a professional hairdresser who had, for many years, provided the community with excellent haircuts and built a strong following. Then, a store opened across the street boasting a cheaper price. How did the professional respond? With a large banner from Office Depot that explained he would fix cheap haircuts. In Office Depot’s case, this was a story of fiction. Sadly, we’ve seen the fact.

I say “sadly” because we’re focused on the customer’s outcome, and invest heavily in supporting the extensive changes which happen when a business migrates its data. We founded the email archive migration market way back in 2007, and since then have seen many competitors offering a variety of alternatives to our original. Competition from professionals drives quality and value in any market, and then the customer wins – so we’re fully supportive of that. However, competition from cheap solutions can be very dangerous as they result in poor quality outcomes which are often not evident until it is too late. Picture yourself urgently needing to back up an important legal case, only to find that the data you need is corrupt. You’re now panicking because you have no options. Your original data is gone and you don’t know if this was always corrupt or corrupted during the migration because the vendor who migrated it didn’t check. It’s not a situation that you should face.

Even worse, some of our competitors (who will remain nameless as we don’t believe in that sort of thing) will promise results they simply cannot deliver, and on – well, let’s just say more than one occasion – we’ve fixed their cheap haircut after the customer has lost patience with their delivery. The cost to the customer’s project? A great deal more than doing it professionally in the first place.

There can be a lot of misinformation about who does what and how, with vendors explaining that their outcome is better than any alternative, even attempting to point out (incorrectly) how our products work. We’ll be debunking a few myths over the next few weeks and explaining why our solutions are still deemed the market leaders and excellent value by companies worldwide.

So, stay tuned. We’ll be publishing more details very soon to help you make an informed decision about your data migration and how to be successful in Office 365 and the modern workplace.

In the meantime, please don’t leave yourself needing a hat.

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