TrueSwift & Transvault: Wising Up on GDPR and Data Management

An Exclusive Event at the Iconic Institute of Directors!

Clevedon, UK – (February 20, 2017) – TrueSwift and Transvault are excited today to announce an exclusive GDPR event being held on Tuesday 21st February at the iconic Institute of Directors, Paul Mall in London. If you’ve not heard the term GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), you will by May 25th 2018 when it comes into effect.

Arguably the biggest piece of legislation and largest overhaul in data protection laws since the 90s, the GDPR will reinforce and impact the infrastructures and operational practices of European businesses in harmonizing data compliance. This will even apply to companies trading outside of the European Union but that handle EU citizens data – and the penalties for non-compliance are likely to be severe. Businesses that fail to meet the new standard will face fines of up to 4% of global turnover or €20 million (£17.2m), whichever is larger, and businesses that suffer from a data breach without having adequate preventative measures in place will suffer the same.

So, why does data protection and management matter? With data volumes growing at unprecedented levels, it is now even more crucial to manage and secure your data in an effective and efficient way. With great power comes great legal responsibility! Businesses will now have responsibility for how they handle sensitive and personal data in a way that is more manageable, compliant and trustworthy. To ensure you are fully prepared, it is vital that you and your business work strategically and with due diligence, putting in place a concrete course of action before GDPR is officially rolled-out and enforceable.

What does this mean for your company and the precautions that must be taken? One of the initial arrangements is that businesses must, in the interest of safety, appoint a Data Protection Officer. Perhaps one of the most important implications of GDPR is that it requires high privacy settings by default, called “privacy by design” which enables new data technology to be built into business processes. Furthermore, a data protection impact assessment (DPIA) will need to be carried out – this will set out the measures in place to mitigate that risk.

Following all this proposed change, both TrueSwift & Transvault are holding a one-off GDPR event to help smooth the transition and enable you to take your next steps forward. With presentations from both TrueSwift and Transvault, the event will give you the opportunity to not only learn more about who we are and what we do, but to learn  about data requirements, achieving compliance and further discussions around the required changes in data management.

TrueSwift have been investigating the implications of the GDPR since early 2015 and see this as an opportunity to share their expert knowledge with a wider audience. Transvault have been the leader in email archive migrations since 2006 and have a wealth of experience in handling complex email data requirements, such as PST consolidation projects.

About TrueSwift

Founded in 2010, TrueSwift is a specialist Data and Information Management company proud in the standard of delivery and customer satisfaction that we have gained in our years of experience and we are proud of the results we achieve.

We have an excellent pedigree with many archiving products and extensive experience with migrations between the various archive vendors or to the Cloud. With e-Disclosure becoming more prevalent than ever, TrueSwift can also advise on designs and legal investigation requirements for your business.

Despite the UK exiting the EU, GDPR is still relevant to British companies and penalties for non-compliance will be severe. Action is needed now and we can help you take your next steps.

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