Transvault Drives Cloud Compliance Business To Microsoft Office 365, Advancing Archive Migrations

Innovative new release makes cloud-hopping easy for customers wanting to eliminate the overheads of using third-party cloud services for retention and eDiscovery

June 15, 2016 – Clevedon, UK  Transvault, the industry leader in email archive migration solutions, today announced the public availability of Transvault Migrator 8.0. This release comes with several innovations that ease the process of archive migration. However, most noteworthy is the ability to move the copy of all emails that organizations keep to meet regulatory compliance needs – otherwise known as an email journal. Migrator 8.0 can convert journals from different sources, including third-party Cloud services, into Microsoft Office 365’s new format.

Enterprise accounts moving to Office 365 were previously challenged by how their existing email journals would be stored in Microsoft’s new Cloud model – forcing them to seek alternative journaling services such as on-prem solutions or those offered by third-party Cloud vendors.

“Having completed recent research into the need for universal compliance across varying email archiving platforms, I am delighted to say that Transvault seem to have solved at least part of the ongoing issue with this new release. If companies now have a route they can take to get their various journal data from A to B in a proven and audited fashion, then they are better equipped to unlock the full benefits that cloud archiving and eDiscovery have to offer”, commented Michael Osterman, President of Osterman Research, Inc.

With Transvault Migrator 8.0, Microsoft partners now have a proven and compliant service for migrating client’s legacy journal archives to Office 365 with ease, saving enterprises the significant costs associated with maintaining journals and performing eDiscovery in a separate service.

“Journals are often the most important aspect of a migration, as they’re the company’s immutable record of all email traffic”, commented Steve Dagless, Transvault’s Director of Product Management. “We’ve already undertaken some high-profile projects to convert third-party journals into the right format for Microsoft’s cloud. What’s the point in migrating your email service to Office 365 if you can’t take absolutely everything you need with you and are forced to maintain and pay for superfluous systems?”, concluded Dagless.

It looks as if “Cloud-hopping” – moving from one Cloud system to another – will be a common theme for migrations, as companies continue to embrace the Cloud both for the user experience and cost savings to the business. Transvault looks to bridge the gaps between vendor proprietary systems, leaving customers free to make the best decisions based on scalability, data sovereignty and uptime.

“We’ve been a Transvault partner since they opened their doors and the new version of Migrator continues a long tradition of using their deep understanding of archive systems and migration challenges, to help our customers migrate their data”, explained Christopher Hathaway, Director of Soarsoft International. The “Universal Compliance TimeMachine” is another good example of this and allows us to offer a comprehensive service when it comes to migrating journal archives. For some time now, companies with compliance requirements have had to maintain an onsite archive journal of legacy emails when moving to Office 365 or the cloud, but with Migrator 8.0, Transvault has essentially solved this problem by “hydrating” legacy email from the archive as if it was always there! The new, universal connector for journal extractions works for the vast majority of third-party archiving systems and will allow us to help more customers more effectively”, concluded Hathaway.

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