TransVault Migrator:
for Veritas (Symantec) Enterprise Vault (EV)

TransVault for Enterprise Vault has been developed under the Symantec Technology Enabled Program (STEP) to offer high speed and secure migration from a growing list of archive platforms, as well as Enterprise Vault upgrades and re-structuring.

Whether you're migrating into Enterprise Vault from a totally different platform, or want to re-organize your existing Enterprise Vault archive, make sure TransVault is behind your move.

You can also use TransVault Migrator to power your move to Symantec Enterprise or Office 365.

Working with one of our many Enterprise Vault specialist partners you can be assured of a fast, seamless transition!

Why would I need TransVault Migrator?

  • Your current archive solution no longer meets your requirements
  • You want to upgrade from earlier versions (e.g. V5+ to V11+)
  • You have LOTS of data to move and need scalability
  • You have merged with an organization that uses a different archive
  • You need to move data between EV domains
  • You want to migrate to Enterprise or Office 365
  • You need to move from IBM Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange
  • You need to ensure chain-of-custody as you move


“One of the biggest challenges in archive migrations is that there is always something different. I can go to TransVault and my problem goes away very quickly. I've worked with many new partners in Symantec and we've never had the support like we do from TransVault. I've yet to see another partner who can deliver like that.”

David DeMings, Symantec