TransVault Migrator:
for Microsoft Exchange & Office 365

TransVault Migrator enables seamless, selective and audited migration of emails from virtually any 3rd-party archive or large numbers of PSTs into Microsoft Exchange on-premise or Office 365 - or both.

Move in 1 clean step:  The movement of data is automated via a high-performance, multi-threaded engine, that connects directly from your source archive into Exchange on-premise or in the cloud.  There's no interim hops or interim file formats that add time, complexity and risk to your move. 

Get optimum performance:  High-speed, high-reliability connectors deliver the fastest yet safest migration around, using techniques that include unique hybrid (direct OR API) extractions and our CloudStream technology that combines Microsoft best practices and protocols with our own expert algorithms. You can also opt to use Microsoft's Office 365 Import Service, for which TransVault was first to get Microsoft-approved.

Ensure a seamless move for end users:  As you migrate you can clean up legacy mailbox shortcuts (stubs) to avoid confusion.  TransVault also ensures archived email is re-hydrated into the correct folders.

Save money moving:  TransVault lets you perform selective, rules-based migrations based on multiple criteria enabling you to take only the data you need - and put it where you need it.  For example:

- Only move items less than 10 years old
- DON'T migrate items where users have deleted the corresponding shortcut
- Move emails into user's primary or archive mailboxes depending on age
- Migrate leavers' mailboxes into an In-Place Archive

Meet compliance needs:  In addition to being a single, end-to-end data transfer (preserving chain-of-custody), each and every item migrated is fully audited, enabling you to meet business and compliance needs relating to secure email records retention.  You can also move journal archives back into Exchange or a 3rd-party journal service 'in the cloud', using TransVault to preserve important envelope data (BCCd and distribution list recipients) in the process.

Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 Migrations

Organizations migrating from an IBM Lotus Notes environment can use TransVault Migrator to convert existing Notes archives, (e.g. AXS-One for Notes, EV for Notes, EMC EmailXtender and SourceOne for Notes and NSF files), into Exchange format.

Benchmark testing shows that TransVault has superior conversion performance and fidelity when compared with both Microsoft and leading 3rd-party mailbox migration applications.

TransVault can decrypt any encrypted Notes emails, ensuring they are fully functional and discoverable in the new environment. There's also an address book conversion facility.


PST Migration into Microsoft Exchange or Office 365

Often moving PST files to Exchange or Office 365 is an 'all of nothing' thing.   That is, you have no option but to move the entire PST file contents.

Now, using TransVault Insight, you can migrate PST contents selectively and intelligently - according to centrally defined policies.  

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