TransVault Migrator:
for EMC SourceOne

TransVault offers high-speed, API-based migrations into EMC SourceOne from a growing list of email archive systems. It also supports granular migrations from EMC EmailXtender into EMC SourceOne and other destinations.

Whether you're migrating from EMC EmailXtender or a non-EMC archive, TransVault for EMC will make your transition to EMC's latest SourceOne email archiving platform both efficient and comprehensive.

Using TransVault for EMC, your chosen migration partner can analyze your existing legacy archive, enabling you to perform a fully audited and selective migration to your new EMC SourceOne archive. 

For example, you might decide to move only 'live' user mailboxes or the last 6 year's worth of data.

Why would I need TransVault Migrator for EMC

  • Your current archive solution is no longer supported or no longer meets your requirements
  • The EMC EmailXtender to EMC SourceOne migration path does not address your specific needs
  • You need to export data belonging to individuals or groups of users to an archive in a different organization or location
  • You need to migrate between different e-mail platforms (e.g EmailXtender for Notes to SourceOne for Exchange).
  • You need to ensure everything is moved efficiently, securely and is fully audited