TransVault Insight
PST Content Control

TransVault Insight gives business and IT managers the power to find PSTs across the enterprise, understand what's in them and manage their contents in line with business, compliance and operational needs. Designed for large and complex PST management projects, Insight delivers unrivalled scalability and flexibility.

PSTs have long been a storage and data management nightmare for many enterprises, but even with the recent announcement of improved PST capture capability from Microsoft, the task of tackling PSTs can be highly complex, requiring significant 'horsepower' and sophisticated functionality.

Unlike other PST management tools, TransVault Insight gives you unrivalled visibility of the individual emails in PST files.  It will help you profile PST contents according to age, size, attachment type and many other criteria, generating detailed management reports that illustrate the risk and storage burden PST files represent to your company. 

With this information you can then start managing PST contents in line with compliance and business needs, using Insight's granularity and flexibility to enforce the necessary PST content management policies. 

For example, you might decide to:

  • migrate just a subset of PST contents centrally and automatically delete in place anything that falls outside of your retention policy.
  • search for any legacy shortcuts that have been put in PSTs, and either delete or re-hydrate them with the full item.

You can also use TransVault Insight to support the eDiscovery process, performing early case assessment (ECA) across many thousands of PSTs without having to first migrate their contents centrally.  TransVault Insight also enables organizations to avoid over-collection of data by way of targeted ingestion that reflects existing retention policies.  This significantly reduces the time and cost involved in eDiscovery in the event of a future litigation case.

Insight's unique dashboard allows you to monitor how well your PST management policies are progressing over time (bearing in mind that tackling PSTs can be a long-term project). 

TransVault Insight also has an extremely scalable architecture that is designed to meet the needs of the largest and most complex organizations, minimizing the impact of PST data transfers on your network and end users. 


Why would I need TransVault Insight?

  • You have many 1,000's of PSTs you need to manage.
  • You want to manage PST contents in line with corporate rentention policies
  • You want to move selected PST contents into ANY email archive, onsite or hosted
  • You want to be able to manage PST contents 'in place' - not just move them centrally
  • You want to locate and re-hydrate any shortcuts to an archive you want to decommission 
  • You want to be able to perform early case assessment (ECA) on PST files
  • You want fine-grain control over what is migrated, deleted, copied, etc.